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  1. I'm looking at swapping at least my front seats out with a newer model Mustang. I know others have done it, I was just curious on what year they went with and any particular fitment issues that may arise? I read somewhere where someone had even used front seats from something other than a Mustang and it looked really good, but, a year later and I can't seem to locate any of those threads now.
  2. If you have a/c, there is a small black canister as a reservoir for the vacuum. There are two rubber lines going to it - they are function specific so mark them for correct re-fit later. It has two captive bolts on the bracket with nuts inside the wheel well. This is the rear most one and lower down, so the nuts may be covered with underseal or other material build up. Remove the splash shield to make life easier. There is also the larger, blue, canister for fuel vapor recovery ( a k a " cookie jar " ) This has a band around the canister body which you can slacken off then get t
  3. While on quarantine, I've decided to get back to working on my 72 brakes. I'm replacing basically everything, and on the line going across the firewall, it appears that I may have to remove the vac canister, which is located on the passenger side rear corner of engine compartment. My question, how do you get the canister off? I've been looking through the original 72 shop manuals, and it jumps around that. I didn't see any bolts in the front wheel well compartment that would remove it. Not much room to work with, and don't really feel like removing parts I don't need to. Thanks for your
  4. Picked up mine at one of the local antique stores. They can be a treasure trove on manuals.
  5. My name is Chuck, and I am the proud owner of a 72 Mustang fastback which I have owned since 1985. It was originally a std fastback and we "cloned" it in 1988. It hasn't changed much since. Body is still in perfect condition since I have kept it inside since 88'.. With 4 kids, I had to kind of step away from putting money into it, but, now that the kids are getting older, I really want to start driving it, a lot. It has a 351C 4v engine, fmx transmission and 391 gears. I would really like to drop a 5 speed in it in the near future. I'm currently replacing the instrument cluster wiring h
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