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  1. I removed all the parts from one of my 73 coupe parts cars to convert a fastback to have rear roll down windows. $175 plus shipping from 68333 or best offer.
  2. I have a variable rate power steering box that came off of my Q code 73 Mach I with competition suspension. The car has 55,000 miles on it. Also included with it is the rag joint and the pitman arm. The numbers on the box are SPA AF. Only reason I am getting rid of it is that I am going to install a rack and pinion. $175 or best offer plus shipping from 68333. You don't find these everyday.
  3. Now that they are installed I like the fact that the hood will hold up at any angle. One thing with these is the geometry is different. The back of the hood doesn't lift up and move forward as much as the factory hinges. I have a hole cut out in my hood for my blower. The hole wouldn't have to be as big in the back now because the hood doesn't come forward when it is opened.
  4. I had a set put on almost a year ago. I had the body shop do it and I am glad I did. They fought them. They did get them to work and they look nice, but I don't think they would want to do another install. They even called Eddie Motorsports, but they just said send them back.
  5. It is time to clean out some of my parts to fund a new engine for another project. I have more than what is listed. I have two 73 coupes that are being parted out. Here is a list of stuff laying around. All prices plus shipping from 68333. Coupe black rear interior quarter panels. $80 351 Cleveland 2v drivers side exhaust manifold. $30 Chrome plated shock tower caps. $30 Chrome plated shock tower braces with bolts. $60 Chrome plated radiator hold downs with bolts. $30 Chrome hood hinge springs. $15 Chrome wiper motor cover and bracket. $25 Rear chrome/black trim between tail lights for Mach I with honeycomb panel. No dents in the chrome and the honeycomb is in one piece. $100 Rear window chrom for fastback. couple some dents. might be able to be tapped out. Great for driver. All four pcs. $80 Side gutter moldings for fastback. Very nice. $90 Drivers side mirror housing with glass. No cracks in base. $35 Mustang script emblems for fender and trunk. $10 each Grande emblems for roof. $5 each Reproduction windshield moldings for fastback. New in package. $100 Rear defrost glass for fastback. No switch or harnass. $200 Facory rear sway bar with all brackets and end links. $125 Factory A/M radio with surround. $35 Factory floor shifters. $25 Flat spring ram air hood hinges. $75 351 cobra jet harmonic balancer. $40 351 Cleveland/C-6 driveshaft with front yoke. $75 I will take pictures for anyone that wants them. If you need something else just ask. I might have it, but it might take me a little time to go to the farm and get it off of the car. I will add parts as I get them to my house.
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