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  1. need photos of how the shoulder harness was meant to be stowed. Can anyone provide me with a few with detail? Thank you.
  2. Over three years ago after completing the drive train mechanical rebuilds I was ready to sell my 71 because I knew if i kept her I could not just leave the body and paint alone. You see I had done a rotisserie restoration of my 1968 Fastback some 12 years earlier and it came out so nice that the bar was set and I also knew what I would be getting into should I keep it. I actually struck a deal to sell the 71 with a guy from England when my son stepped in and said "Really? your going to sell the Mach 1?" with a look of incredulity and then he proceeded to reminded me that this was the car that
  3. can anyone post a few photos of the correct way to attach the original shoulder strap seat belt above the window and the parts necessary for this. Thank you
  4. Does anyone know what the official name and purpose of these are? I am assuming they are stops for the hood when opening or closing. Also did they originally have a protective plastic or rubber piece on the top? Anyone? Thanks
  5. Great job Paul :goodpost: Paint and pin striping are the only 2 things I wouldn't be game to have a crack at :D Shane
  6. Great job Paul :goodpost: Paint and pin striping are the only 2 things I wouldn't be game to have a crack at :D Shane
  7. Hope this helps anyone about to install stripes on their 71-73 Mach 1. I sure could have used this. Good luck.
  8. Well after three years of working on my 71 Mach 1 I'm actually ready for final paint. Can some one post some detailed photos of where the lower blackout meets the color and where the black meets the color around the cowl area. Just want to make sure I get this right. Thanks a ton!
  9. Mike, Thanks so much. Mine seems to hang over at least 1/2" on each side and I can't figure it out.
  10. Can anyone post a few photos of what a properly fitted bumper looks like at the fender extensions, particularly how much overhang it has? Thanks. This is a 1971 with urethane bumper. Thanks
  11. Sorry it's a 71 mach 1 M code. and Thanks!
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