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  1. Hello everyone - first apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Trying to button up the instrument panel, and I cannot find the yellow-white wire that oes to the fuel gauge anywhere. I seem the loom coming from the sending unit and up the side of the driver door, but not a singe wire in the loom is exposed that is the prescribed color. It's a 73 Mach one. Any help or ideas on locating it would be greatly helpful. If I'm no mistaken as well, the negative wire should come off the negative post the oil gauge. That's assuming I'm reading schematics correct. Thanks again for any and all help!
  2. hey, i cant find the fuel gauge wire behind the dash panel. i see it goes from the fuel tank then into by the wheel well, but i cant find it after that. can anyone help me to visually find it so i can follow and trace it so i can route it to the dash?
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much! The only screws i could find i thought held the carpeting in. Ill take another gander and see if i can find the screws for that panel! Appreciate the help! Ill just make my brother crawl under the car and hold the shock for me haha!
  4. hey everyone, i have a 73 with the fold down seats. i cant figure out how to remove the back section of the fold down set to get to the rear shocks. i see the two brackets on the piano fold parts after you remove the rear seat, do i have to remove those two sections to remove the section that just lays flat?
  5. your right, i had forgotten about the sway bar bushings. id prefer to not use poly,but i havnt found a kit for all rubber yet. poly seems to be way easier to find than actual rubber did you buy your bushings as a kit or just as individuals? im pretty sure my bushings all are stock so im sure they are all beyond shot
  6. is there a kit anywhere that has all the suspension bushings for a 73 mach one? i found this one: http://www.cjponyparts.com/prothane-total-bushing-kit-without-transmission-mount-1967-1973/p/SBK12/ but that is poly and i was hoping to keep it rubber so that it wouldnt ride really hard. also, im not entirely sure what bushings would be missing out of that set, or does it have all the bushings so that i could completely change all the bushings out and get new ones in?
  7. ah, well that explains that! thanks for all your help guys!
  8. ok, sorry it took me so long, but i heres a pic of the fuse box. the blue/white wire is coming at the camera and so is the ground wire. the blue/white wire was attached to the post that the pink/orange wire was hooked to
  9. ok, do the ground wires connect to somewhere by the fuse box as well? they were always detached so im not sure where it should be connected to.
  10. The car is a 73. It was draining the battery but i have no idea what it was powering
  11. the windows are really hard to move up and down. its manual windows and has been sitting for who knows how long. the windows are also a bit unstable and can wobble when going up and down. does anyone know how to grease the window tracks and gears and what grease to use?
  12. what is the blue wire with a white stripe that is by the fuse box? it is taped to a ground wire that has two black wires going to a spade connector. im not sure if they are related or not. also, i had a parasitic drain on the battery, when i unplugged that blue wire with a white stripe from the post ( i believe its the accessory post) on the fuse box, the drain went away. does anyone know what that wire is and why it was draining the battery?
  13. Awesome! Thanks everyone! Seems like you guys have worked on one or two of these cars!:P
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