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  1. Awesome! Thank you both for the replies. Exactly what it looked like and thanks for the verification. Tomorrow, Saturday, job to do...
  2. My heater blower motor is really noisy. I suppose I need to replace it. The car had water inside for years from a leaky cowl, moist environment. Affected the motor? When I restored the interior and rebuilt all the plenum boxes I probably just hit the squirrel fan with 12V and said, yup, it works. So, has anyone changed one out lately? Looks like it will come right out of the side of the plenum. The gas pedal assembly looks like it needs to come out. There needs to be room for the squirrel cage to come out the side, and with out the gas pedal, it seems clear until the steering column. I have plenty of pictures, but it was a couple years ago that the interior was reassembled. Could it be this simple or am I missing something? Thought I'd ask if anyone has replaced the motor leaving all the rest of the bits in the car? Thanks
  3. 72 mach 1, H code California car with Ram Air
  4. Guys, I'm a little embarrassed. I just took the car on another drive and the problem is at ALL speeds. Even around town. I've only had the car on the road for a couple weeks and I was wrong. It does seem though to go lower the faster I go still, weird. In my 5 year resto of the car I did not replace the sending unit. The previous owner had put in a new tank and I'm sure he reused the original sending unit because the car was a flip. I wonder if it could be as simple as replacing the sending unit? It could be giving erroneous resistance readings as the car moves and the gas sloshes around?
  5. It happens at steady speed. I only went down the freeway about 3 miles. It read low the whole time. I just finished a complete restoration of the car so I know every inch of the wiring. The gauge reads fine around town. Was hoping that this was an issue that someone else has had. All of my previous mustangs were 66-67's. My first 71-73.
  6. I've never seen this with my other Mustangs... 72 Mach with Sports Interior. All of the gauges work perfectly except... Fuel gauge reads 3/4 full. First time on highway with the car today. At 55 fuel gauge drops to 1/2 full. 65 mph, 1/4 full. By the time I was up to 70 mph, the gauge read 1/8 full. Got off highway to turn around toward home. Gauge starts climbing. Back up to highway speed and the gauge drops to under 1/4 full. Off highway back up to my house, and the gauge is back up to 3/4 full. Seems the faster the car goes, the lower the fuel gauge reads. Fuel Sending units change a fuel gauge reading on hills, but not at highway speeds... Any thoughts?
  7. Anybody got any thoughts on whether I should hold onto my old used Magnum 500's that came on my car from the factory? I recently installed Legendary wheels and don't need the old Magnum's anymore. They take up a lot of space to store. They seem to be only worth about $50 bucks apiece on Ebay... What to do? Should I stuff them under house where I won't see them for years? Seems silly?
  8. I told the group I'd post pictures when I got them onto the car. I'm very pleased with the finished look. Front, 15X7, 245-60 Rear, 15X8, 255-60
  9. The 15X7 are on sale at $137.66 ea. The 15X8 are on sale at$150.62 ea. They are $170 and $180 on the Legendary Wheels website. FYI
  10. Ya, perfect timing! Yes, got the 03 lug nut kit. Legendarys own website is a bit confusing, stating that their 02 kit is for alloy wheels. The Summit site said that the 03 lug nut kit was correct for the LW50 wheel, so I went with the 03 kit. Thanks for confirming. Ya typo on the 16" tire. I said 15X8 wheel :) ... can't wait to see them... I just put a new suspension in the car, so ....alignment , ect... I'll post pictures when I get them on the car...gonna be a few weeks
  11. Thanks much for the Legendary brand recommendation. Turns out they were on sale at Summit last night and I stumbled upon a black friday cyber monday weekend sale price too! I went with the Legendary Wheels LW 50. 15X7 front, 15X8 rear. 245-60/15 front, 255-60/16 BF radial TA's. Love the classic white letter out look. Thanks everyone!
  12. Thanks guys, it has been a labor of love for sure. I really felt this car deserved better than to have had to sit outside and slowly die. Hard to believe it'll be 50 in a few years! I stumbled upon this website when I first started the project and was amazed at the dedication of this group of people to these cars. I had been an early Mustang guy all of my life. (got my 67 fstbk 39 years ago.) Again, I appreciate this website very much as I went through this car. I would love to get it painted now....(that was covered in another post. not easy here in bay area, Ca)
  13. You all have given me lots to think about... I am not a "chrome" guy... but 500's are, I believe, the correct look my car needs, so.. the alloy option is where I'm leaning... 15X7 front, 15X8 rear. the steel wheels are very heavy. It would be nice to reduce the unsprung weight on the corners My 67 has 18X11 rear and 18X9 front, 750 lb.coils with a 472ci. Global west del-a-lum bushings. No power steering or brakes. It is a beast to drive. Took weeks to decide on the tire and wheel sizes. You never know exactly how they fit until they're on the car I wanted my 72 Mach to be my comfortable Mustang so I rebuilt the suspension stock. Now you guys show me pics of 255's in front and 275's in rear? Aargh As you see in the picture, my car has 235's all the way around. 235's look a little small in the rear.. the 255 and 275 look is pretty full and mean...maybe a bit too much decisions decisions
  14. Could you post a picture of your car? I'd like to see the 275's on the 15X8's... Thanks! Looks great... The 235's on the rear of my car just look a little small...
  15. Let me run to the garage for some pics Now I'm just being picky....Do you have a picture of the whole car so I can see how the two tire sizes affect the stance, the rake of the car? Looks like the 275 fills the wheel well pretty good on the rear? On the Legendary wheel site, they only offer the "LW50" (magnum 500) wheel in 15X7? You mentioned you have 15X8 on rear? I wonder if they stopped producing the the 15X8? Thanks
  16. Could you post a picture of your car? I'd like to see the 275's on the 15X8's...
  17. My Mach needs new wheels. It came with Magnum 500's, so I'm pretty sure I will replace with same. I want to keep the classic muscle car look it had from the factory so I'm thinking 235-60 or 245-60's on 15X7 front. 255-60 on 15X8 rear. Any thoughts? Does anybody have and info to share? Is there a better/best brand/manufacturer? Quality chrome? any rust issues? Anything or ones to avoid? thanks
  18. 72 Mach, CA car, rare 351 2V with Ram Air Air Cond, AM/FM, PS, PB, tilt wheel, sport deck rear seat, console, sports interior, convenience group, magnum 500's, ect... I cannot find a single car like in on the web. Bright Blue metallic with the argent hood (because of Ram Air), yet no side stripes or spoilers. I'm going to keep it this way just as it came from Dearborn. I made the ultimate mistake and bought it sight unseen off Ebay. I decided that since I made the mistake, I had to go through the car and "make things right". After I had the car 1 week, I found the Bring-a-trailer auction where the dishonest guy I bought it from got it. It was for sale for $7,000. I paid 12k. The car had sat outside in a slanted upward driveway for over 10 years. Cowl rusted out, water sat inside for all those years and the floor pans rusted out. 5 years later, every single piece in interior, engine compartment, trunk, was reconditioned or replaced. New suspension. Everything is as new as can be. Either blasted bare in my cabinet or POR15'd. Hundreds of pieces from NPD and others, every weatherstrip, ect...Took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I realize I did things backwards. The car is done but could really use a paint job. I just didn't know where I was heading when I started the project. I'm pretty pleased now that the work is done. Thought I'd share a few before and after photos. Thanks for all the help from the 7173Mustangs.com community. Now what to do with all my spare time?
  19. Are you willing to say what the paint job cost? I recently posted a thread about cost of a paint job for my 72 Mach. I would really like to get it painted. Unfortunately I live in the peoples republic of CA, things are expensive
  20. Believe me... I was freakin out that I was gonna get a call from the shop I had press it telling me the arm broke, or the bushing got destroyed in the process. I just wanted it done. As I started with, that is the MOOG replacement... I already had the MOOG replacement Idler Arm which is completely incorrect. Oh, well.. it's installed...
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