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    -72 Coupe, 66' 289 C Code, Edelbrock Performer w/4V (500 CFM) & C4 trans. 3.25 g/r TRACLOC. Magnum 500s, dual Flowmaster 40s, Pertronix II Billet, 100A Alt, Electric fan, mini starter.


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  1. thanks all. ordered the '73 antenna that screws off. base looks the same. thinking its the best option since i will be using the cover frequently.
  2. Recently purchased a 72 coupe in great shape. In the interest of keeping it in great condition and to reduce chance of rust etc, I need to use a car cover in lieu of not having a garage. I am looking for direction on where to purchase an antenna that possible screws off (like most modern cars). The telescoping ones I've found online do not collapse short enough to make it worth the buy, so to make it easier to take on/off the car cover I figured I should try and find something that screws on off. The antenna on it now has a rectangle base, and if possible I would prefer not to have to patch that sucker up. Putting a grommet on the cover is basically my backup option. Any thought/opinions/criticism is welcome.
  3. Recently purchased the car from "Rutkak" who has plenty of helpful posts on the site. I've owned a few older trucks ('68 dodge, '72 Chevy) but none of which were in as great of condition as this car. I have a very basic understanding of car mechanics, so being able to look over this site has already been of great use. Below are some details copied straight from what Rutkak wrote about the car history, but essentially it has been very well kept, leaving me as the 3rd or 4th owner. Currently a '66 289 Galaxie engine, with good interior and many new upgrades and parts. 72 Coupe, Medium Brown Metallic w/Ginger Interior +Original I6 to 1966 289 C Code w/Autolite 2100 1.23V (350cfm) +Original C4 +3.25 TRACLOC g/r +Magnum 500s from a 72 Torino +Mach 1 full length console ginger +100A Alternator +Pertronix Flamethrower II Billet Dizzy +Custom radiator (289s & 302s have different side water ports) +Electric fan (3000 cfm - hence the 100A Alternator) +Grant steering wheel +CustomAudio radio +Modern 3 Point Seat Belt +New carpet, steering components...typical wear and tear From Rutkak: "Car History: Basically a 1 owner car before me. The car was purchased new by a Marine Corps Officer and he owned it until well after retirement. It looks to have been very well maintained for at least a solid 20-25 years to include a new paint job (same color as original) about 15 or so years ago. The car is actually as rust free as a 40+ year old car can be - it was always garage kept, the vinyl top is original without the typical rust peeking out from underneath and it's an Alabama car. As the story goes, I bought the car from the original owner's daughter and son-in-law. Sadly, the original owner had gone senile and was put in an old folk's home. His daughter and son-in-law had the car for 10 months and when I met them they were living in an apartment complex with 2 very young kids. When I asked why the son-in-law was selling it, he said "I need a mini-van, that's where I am at in life." As he said it, a 2 yr came crawling across the floor. The car had a 250 engine with basically every component being original...sort of like a time capsule but definitely needed a thorough cleaning, tuning and new steering components. That day, I drove the car home 180 miles from Birmingham, AL to Columbus, GA. Over the next few months I tinkered - Magnum 500s, odds and ends like new bumpers, radio, tie rods, ball joints, pittman/idler arms, gauges, modern seatbelts, and eventually I cleaned up the floorboards & trunk and put in new carpet. Upon my next job back in Fayetteville, NC there were several classic car owners in my new job so I picked their brain, bounced off ideas and bought a donor 66 Galaxie 500 with a 289 C Code engine. The car was shot, but the engine was decent. I wanted a 302 but the high compression 289 with rolling engine stand (aka Galaxie) was what I needed at the time. We did an engine swap and from there I started getting much deeper into the mechanics of owning a classic car..."
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