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    71 convertible Mcode T5 exp.


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  1. Servus Spechti, that's the place to be...cool ,that you take the long road and not making a cheap show resto... it 'll be worth it, this cars done right a pure fun to drive and we don't have to talk about style :) looks like we have the same vision.... nice Lincoln btw :) uv
  2. No, sorry, but the 351c and the 429/460 do not share the same bolt pattern ! although i'm a big fan of the bigblocks i would suggest to rebuilt the 351c if it's possible. You can built a hell of an engine out of them and a stickshift matching it will make you smile all day long :) ... i do, just came back from test drive on the first sunny warm day this year on dry roads :) uv
  3. Good Luck & recovery, You know it's alway nice to know the stang sits in your driveway or garage and is waiting for you and even if you can't drive it , just start it and you 'll feel better immediately-for sure :) I love to drive into the night with some good rocksongs ( Led Zeppelin , etc.) that fills my batteries.... uv
  4. Hey jorgem2, as you already know , racing makes you feel alive :) ,adrenalin rush at the starting line is all worth it , winning or losing.... Hope everything stays together & you have a great day. Today it snowed again in my hometown... race in style... pics ? uv
  5. Yes man , that's how it should be done... no prisoners... :)
  6. You modified your engine extensively for power and it needs any air it can get.Although RamAir is way cool , i think you would restrict its output. K&N would be a good alternative for this nicely built motor. If you want to keep the RamAir setup, why not modify a repro aircleaner and fill it with a K&N ...best of two worlds... uv
  7. Wow , information at its best ! :) I really appreciate all of your help & suggestions, & now i have to get LED asap !!! Thanx for the nice pic Mike , it definitly shows a huge improvement . Did you repaint the pointers with that special colour or are they still original ? uv
  8. This rims will look awesome on your car. Please, post some pics... just love this black/chrome/screws combination do you need special spacers or are they custommade ? uv
  9. What a start into your automobil life...pretty cool ... even better, that you made a business out of it... It is good to know there is somebody who knows he's talking about. :) uv
  10. Good job , nice car and a clean garage ! I think there is still work for one or two days more before you go on the road again so keep up this good work & this will be one real cool 'Stang :) Respect. uv
  11. Thanx ,you guys are the best ! I tried everything with the lightswitch, cleaned it & checked the contacts also tried two other switches i have...the same result.They all work they should & i think it doesn't came brighter from factory. The LED conversion sounds like THE idea ! So do i get it right-i don't have to alter any wiring, just pull the old ones and insert the LED's ???? When i use the white ones it will still look stock only readable ? uv
  12. What's the trick to brighten up the lightning of the instruments (all of them,tach to oilpressure). Years ago ,there was a article in a Mustang Monthly-mag. Unfortunately, i missed that but i'm sure there is help in this one-of-a-kind-forum . :) I barely can read my instruments driving through the city at night. I can regulate the lightswitch just from dark to even darker.......... uv
  13. Oh man, waaaaaaay cool.... Ford should hire this guy immediately :) can't stop smiling...
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