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  1. Does anyone have, or know where there is an ALUMINIM 2bbl intake manifold for an early 302? I believe the cast iron intake on my GT may be warped and is sucking outside vacuum so I'd like to replace it. Saving weight is a plus too.. Thanks.
  2. I came across a set of E7TE 302 heads that had a valve job done and appear to be in mint condition. Question for you guys. Will they bolt on to a 1968 stock 302? These heads have the factory fulcrum rockers & studs etc. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.. Thanks
  3. We never had a problem in my shop with scuffing and priming over the "e-coating" sprayed on aftermarket sheet metal. Inspect the panel first for any signs of surface rust, or lifting before you prep it. Any good quality automotive type primer will work, along with a filler primer if needed. Paint as you prefer with a urethane or two part epoxy top coat.
  4. IMHO, yes it will make a slight difference. You may need to adjust the portioning valve to compensate for the additional drag of larger shoes. Test drive first prior to making any adjustments.
  5. Remove the upholstery yourself and take the damaged piece to your local upholstery shop.. A small cut or tear may only cost a case of beer or a few bucks for the repair.. These guys can work wonders with vinyl.. Just think of the fun you'll have putting it back together..
  6. At the top of the home page, look for Mustang Data. Click on it and you will see a link for wiring diagrams.. Click on that link and you will see links for wiring diagrams that pertain to your year, make and model..
  7. I went on line and Googled "how to re chrome plastic" and quiet a few techniques came up from having the parts professionally re chromed (very expensive) to the new paint processes.. I agree with you that the rattle can chrome paints look terrible.
  8. I've seen them come up on EBay from time to time..
  9. I live in Florida and went to Daytona Beach to pick up my windshield.. The company tells you to bring plenty of blankets and will put the windshield in your vehicle and help with placing it correctly on the padding for you. Great prices and very good product. I have not seen any distortion in the glass at all.. Very happy with the price and service.
  10. My suggestion is to post prices on what you have.. Readers can make an offer both are happy with.. IMHO
  11. Before installing new hinges (especially aftermarket) clamp them in a vise and lubricate the rivets and hinge points with oil, not grease.. Springs NOT installed.. Work the hinges up and down until they loosen up and do not bind.. We've done it all the time in the shop from a well learned lesson from the past..
  12. It's probably a carry over of the old Rusty Jones coating from the 70's .. Never seen it before, but if it works, go for it..
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