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  1. Hey all. It’s been a long time. Im look into going with an air ride system fir the suspension. Has anyone on this forum got any experience or info they can share on this ? I’d love any feedback.
  2. Hey all. Sorry for the inactivity. Every time I want to make a move I’m fearful of a lock down and my car getting stuck in the suspension fabrication shop with me not knowing when I can get the cat back. If and when this blows over I will be enlisting the help of skilled people to finally get this project closer to done 

  3. Going to be sweet. That hood concept would work well on a standard hood because of the original depression they have in the center. I’m excited to see the results of this build !
  4. This is going to be spectacular! I’m looking forward to following. 💥🤛
  5. Hey all. As an update, I’m FINALLY reengaged in getting this build going after two and a half years of next to nothing going. I’m aiming to get the car done for next summer and hope to stick to that deadline. Will keep you all posted in the months to come. Barring any hiccups it should be fun. List is extensive. Custom suspension going to be added, frame connection, Custom fuel cell, stainless exhaust, pulley system, air conditioning, a colour change, reverse camera, sound system, altered stripes, and the list goes on lol.
  6. On another note. I’m going to ditch the leaf springs and go with a three link. I want the 6 way adjustability and Perfoance. Worth popping for. It also makes more room in the exhaust area. Which brings me to the other thing circled in purple, the stock tank. I have a brand new stock replacement but If I was to go to a fuel cell that was only 20” wide, I will be able to get my Stainless steel Varex VForce mufflers out from under the rear seats. Putting them all the way to the back would be a nice touch I think.
  7. Ya Tony. What I love about it is that it’s an equal runner tune port injection style. Throttle response, horsepower and torque all effected. It uses an external ECU that allows you to lock out the distributor but still gives you the proper curve from idle to acceleration. In my experience, locking out a distributor with a carb style fuel injection system has you always set at 35 or 36 degrees. Not optimal. Plus with the large injectors it can handle up to 600hp. You can also put nice power adders to it but I’m not interested in that. Best part is that it will just fit under the hood and look Trick.
  8. Hi all. Long time since I’ve been on. Left the car sitting for over 2 years to focus on other things. My interest in getting back on the car has been peeking and I’m in the gathering of parts mode. Thanks to my cousin, I scored this nice piece and did away with the FITECH. I’m looking forward to the snappy throttle response and a few added horses. Still need to get the Air Conditioning set up and full pulley set up to finish out the power plant. I’m just happy to get something going here again. Glad to be back chatting it up and enjoying all the hard work I’ve been browsing on through these builds as well.
  9. Smart move buddy. Always thought the pillar was way too narrow. Nice glass fit.
  10. Very cool. I was considering getting set up with the system and making it a side gig. Pieces look great.
  11. Hey buddy. So Dean would be the right guy. However, as it always goes, when your good your busy and that means I need to wait. Good news is that it’s not too long. He’s thinking he’d be able to take my car in sometime in January. He also figs about 3 months. So far I think we’re on the same page. Still need to discuss particulars but looking promising. I think once I have the car back and mostly assembled next spring I will look to involve potential sponsorship. Could take the build to its best possible presentation considering where it’s coming from.
  12. Today is the day I meet with Dean. Fingers crossed we are on the same page with the 71 and he takes on the body and painting over the next few months and we can get some serious advances happening. I got a tantalizing bit of info from Joe Desilva at Desilva racing. When I was there with the 17. He tells me he knows people at Ford that may want to put the 71 in their coral at SEMA once it’s done. YOU KIDDING ME!! It’s on baby. Not only will I get to scratch the trip to SEMA off my bucket list but to have something in the show.....man o man. An honour even if it gets no attention.
  13. My 2017 is ruby red. I love the color. Right??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Found this rare ruby red. Didn’t want red or stripes till I saw it and couldn’t say no to it. 71 is likely to get avalanche grey or white. Yet to make up my mind.
  15. Now I’m thinking I should score me a set of Shelby’s tips for my exhaust.
  16. The more I look at these two cars the more impressed I am at the similarities. All the new styling changes I made to the 71 you now find on the ‘15 and up. I drew them out in ‘13 and started working on the car in ‘14 so that’s cool. Then things like the front fender you can see how Ford stayed true to old designs you’d find on the 71 and not on 66-8 or 9 but 71-3.
  17. That's one of the units in my work space. Not my garage. I lease 3 units of 1500 soft each. One is my spray room the other one is the clean room and that one is my drying shipping and car build room. This way I literally don't have to watch paint dry. Car is always there for tinkering
  18. Very fortunate yes. I think, without sounding weird, my late dad had a hand in this. Both of us car guys and I feel he’s still here with me. I just turned 50 and therefore born in 68. ?
  19. Well the Green monster is gone and replaced with this bad boy. Just left with selling the coupe and we are on our way with another big push on the 71
  20. The plan is to get into a new Shelby in that colour. It’s only offered on the Shelby’s. However the repaint I want to do on the 71 would either be white or more than likely that same Avalanche grey.
  21. That video may have sold me the car within hours of posting it which in turn loosened up some money to pick up the new GT350 and above all move on the 71. I’m already in talks with an experienced fabricator/ painter. In two weeks he’s coming to have a good look at my progress and will take the body from there to completion. Then we can finally assemble. I decided that I want the color of both cars to be the same. SHELBY 's Avalanche Grey. Need a few days to see if everything goes as planned or falls apart like things can at times.
  22. Ok not a 71-3 mustang but still cool for Ford lovers lol
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