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  1. unisex names beginning with r I think you were referring to these pics?
  2. I saw the under hood of the SuperSnake. It’s just the two openings allowing engine bay heat to escape. I think they popped up the center of the hood just so the huge charger can fit. Mine I hope to isolate the intake scoops and drive the cooler air into the filter/throttle body. My air extractors will just remain open to the engine bay.
  3. Hey looks like they're going to use the 70 Shelby air extractors on the 19 SuperSnake. Now im really glad I built them into my hood.
  4. When time is a factor to getting something done there is always putting money on it to have someone else take on getting past humps. Lol.
  5. Hi all. I hope it’s ok to put this here but I’m putting both cars up for sale. I’d like to put some more money together to continue on the 71 and possibly pounce on another car I have my eye on. You can pm me if you know of anyone looking. I figure it makes better dollar sense state side with the exchange being what it is for someone looking to buy one of these. Cheers.
  6. Thank you sir. Too me any and all praise from all of you I take with much pleasure. You all are not just gear heads but also have a vested interest in exactly this body style and that’s why getting it right in your eyes means so much. Also why criticism is carefully considered as well. Just as a what’s up., l ’m either going to take my month off during my slow winter holiday season and generate coin to enlist help with the car such as a repaint or go at it with the help of friends like Marco and it gets to where i get. Whatever gets me driving it quicker. At this point I wouldn’t mind handing off the body and paint this time around. Someone seeing the car newly is always going to be fresh energy. Good for moving forward any project
  7. Hey great news Ray. Looking forward to more
  8. Hey very cool link Don. I’m going to have a good look at it. May be another way I go. Thx.
  9. Hey Tony. I believe the kit I’m looking at comes with the intake for small block. I really don’t know if Edelbrock makes it for big blocks. I can’t see why they wouldn’t but I wasn’t looking closely enough to notice when I was searching. Hope so.
  10. Something really cool someone did that I just stumbled on. Gave me goosebumps cause I had no idea it was out there and it’s amazing to see the journey like that. I want to send out a huge thank you to the person who did this. I don’t know how to reach them so if anyone does please convey it for me. So cool.
  11. Maybe we need to start an old-farts health thread? One subject I've studied for many years is natural/alternative health and haven't taken any pharmaceuticals whatsoever for nearly 10 years In our chemically farmed soils there is very little valuable minerals left so you are correct and would be interesting to know what program you are doing I had knee problems a few years ago (old-farthritis) so started taking a magnesium supplement and make my own bone broth - knees perfect now Tony - for your shoulder problem could look into stem cell therapy, Joe Rogan uses this quite a bit and talks about it in some of his podcasts Good advise buddy. The program I’m on is called a Metabolic Reset. It’s a 6 week thing with outstanding results because once your done you can include foods you love again but with an education on what food does. At the same time you kick your sugar/carb addiction and detox your body. It involves eating proteins vegetables and certain fruits. These people have helped so many thatbtheur in the process of putting up a website. They are called iHEALTHe. Will be up and running before the month is up. Hope that helps anyone who’s curious. Anyway about the cat I’m looking into getting the Edelbrock tune port injection system and selling my brand new FItech throttlebody that I bought. Looks like a better system to go with.
  12. Thank you Don. Lots of good people here who are generous with both their compliments and time. I’d love to eventually run into everyone and their builds. Bucket list for sure!
  13. LOL. I do. Every day is sand and paint but on entry doors. Not cars.
  14. Amazing. If I’m going on about this too much I apologize but how do we enjoy the cars when these things get in the way. I will say however by doing this simple program I got rid of the inflammation. That way the route of all my problems. No more apnea. Huge because you don’t rest. No more snoring after the third day I’m on it. Back pain gone. Knee pain gone. ...etc. It boils down to the fact that vitamins are not too difficult to gain through food but minerals are. With age comes less and less minerals and then there are problems. Anyway, let’s keep our machine in good order so we can work on our driving machines lol.
  15. Right on brother. Can’t build a car or complete other projects from a sick bed. But I hate spinning my wheels. I want the straightest path obstacles will come up but under or over I’m still going straight till it’s done. My dad was a 145 pound Sicilian Italian that loved Fords as you all know and I lost him to heart failure. I can’t go down that path.
  16. Hey, congrats on feeling better. That’s a big deal. And on having a great wife that supports it. She wants you to stick around. I’m noticing that felling crappy is not just age but a combination of time passing without attention to details (our fuel ). Best news is as long your doing the right things our bodies bounce back far quicker than it takes to ruin them lol. Can’t comment on the lottery other that to say I hope the next one comes your way.
  17. The other thing I’m working on right now is ME. Just turned 50 and found myself getting further out of shape and slowing down. Things like the car, I would tackle with such passion that I’d go morning to night and forget to eat anything. Don’t have that anymore. This winter stint I did yo get the car to this point was a marathon that took a lot out of me. I felt broken. I’m still to young to feel this way so I decided that my birthday gift to myself was to redesign myself. I got on a metabolic reset called iHEALTHe and banged off over 30 pounds in 6 weeks. Huge difference in my focus and energy. I’m on my second phase of this and expect to have nearly 60 pounds off by mid November since August 1st. Only 4 months and I’m back to my kickboxing weight of 185 from 245. To me this is worth mentioning because if I didn’t do this the car might have never got done. Also this may sound way out there but since I was a kid I used to see why people chose the cars they owned. The cars looked like them. I could see the persons face in the front end or the shape of their head or body is reflected in the shape or profile of the car. Kind of like that Fido commercial about owners looking like their dogs. It sounds nuts but I can still see similarities between owners and their cars. So in saying that, I’d rather my car was a widebody in a muscular way and not just FAT lmao.
  18. Thanks buddy. Agreed. It will be more effective in showing some of the cool tweaks. It’s an evolution for sure. I’m over the pain of wasted time and money, i think lol. I’m airways about forward motion and I know that if I wasn’t supposed to go through all this it wouldn’t have gone this way to begin with. I don’t tell the universe how it has to go. I just roll with it.
  19. WellFabrice I know what you mean. "restoration/mods" you see 9.9 out of 10 shows on TV, strip to bone and order all new, let others do all the work. Ain't the game to me. Personally I respect way more something that was thought and made own hands with love. And so far that's exactly what you did and do! As long as there is progress made, even small steps while piggy recovers, who cares how long it takes as long as you enjoy building it. No money can buy this. Well said my friend.
  20. Great idea for sure my friend but you’ve mistaken me for someone that has money lol. Part of the reason this car is taking this long to complete is about controlling the bleeding lmao
  21. So I flipped the negative of the image to see what it might look like on my car specifically . Not the best image with glare and shine coming up as black and red showing as green but at a glance you get the idea.
  22. Graphics lay out will be the same as I currently have it.
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