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  1. Guys I will be perfectly honest. The car looks sinister in black. I do like it but I am doing my fibreglass parts no favours with the sun. This car will be thourughly enjoyed and over time the sun will most definitely beat the life out of it. I could have Bill let cart in metal but I wanted to make reproducible parts. So being that black adds an additional 60 degrees of heat to the surface of any car I’m opting to go to my first idea of a white car. I also like for the car to appear larger and white does that best. Would have been better if I thought of this sooner but I never said I was smart . Just pretty lol
  2. Lol. Great analogy. Those cars bothered me too.
  3. Ahhh buddy. She’s going to get resprayed. I’m doing a complete flip to a white with black accent paint scheme. My first idea. Go with your gut lol. I’m in no rush. I want it to be great. Thx.
  4. Oh man. Looking great. Sorry about the visitor. Everyone wants a ride in a mustang ya?
  5. Great looking wheels buddy. Gonna be great. Undercarriage looks sweet!
  6. Hi guys. Long time. Been busy with life but unfortunately not much time for the build. I have to say. I absolutely love that engine bay. Also the glass the grills the bumpers the side mirrors and the craftsmanship. Some things I’m not crazy about but no need to mention. But I cannot stand that stripe going through the wheel flares like that. All they need is to be taped up a couple of inches back and resprayed so they stop AT the flare and not OVER the flare. It’s amazing to me how much I’m letting that little detail bother me enough that I can’t look at the car. I can’t understand the reason behind that decision. It doesn’t even hit the front and rear flare with the same proportions. If adding a stripe or decal is supposed to accentuate the muscular lines this isn’t helping.
  7. Lol. Cool thanks for caring. It will be a few months before I get to play again but I’m itching to get going. I want it on the road for spring if things go as planned.
  8. My friend this car is becoming something so special. The fact that it was rescued from the crusher is a story to be told at all the events you go to when it’s done. With the tedious work and care and attention to detail this car and it’s resurrection will be famous. I’m in Toronto Canada, you’d expect to see plenty of 71-3 mustangs around but you really don’t. It’s like seeing a ghost! In the last 20 years I’ve seen maybe 3 drive past me on the road and I quickly point my truck in that direction and follow it for kilometres. So sexy in motion. To have one in Europe and it being a 429. Wow. I’m excited for you. Looking forward to seeing more.
  9. Wow. That really is saying something. I hope I get it on the road by next year. In order to keep it affordable I have to spend serious time on it. The balance between this project and the rest of my life is often a challenge.
  10. To me it has this illusion of being two different cars because it looks slammed from the rear point of view and in the front facing view the car looks like the roof is not as slammed.
  11. Two more shots. All the detail is lost because of the suns glare so I had to play with it a bit to bring some contrast back.
  12. Fabrise your too funny. I do see what you mean. The odd angles in reflection is of course the price to pay for widebody. I’m cool with it. Your graphic creating the C stripe actually looks kind of cool. What I’m not cool with, however is that upon examining the car out the in the sun has revealed to me just how much the bodywork has shrunken in the last 4 months. I suppose I should have expected it since I was on a time crunch at my shop and didn’t allow for any settling. As it goes, I’m going to push it out into the hot sun through out the summer and repaint/ cut/ polish and graphic the back half of the car. My Bodyman says it’s not a big deal. It’s tearing me up inside. Oh well. If it was too easy everyone would be doing it.
  13. Wow thanks. Actually I knew from day one it was going to look like the Camaro in that area. It’s what you Get when you pillow instead of flair the quarter panel.My only concern about it was the colour flop that it does on certain angles. I’m fine with it regardless. Thanks again for the great complements
  14. I think the wheel base on the donner car is longer and that’s why it got moved when the two cars got married together. I’m just asking because I’ve heard from many that they thought the nose on this model is too long and given the choice they’d prefer shorter. I kinda think it makes the car appear nasty compared to the years before.
  15. While the widebodys kind of look similar I noticed I kept the shoulders higher than he did and the sail panel or B pillar looks narrower because of it. Hope nobody minds that I’m making comparisons. They are just observations and I value input and criticisms from you all.
  16. Not the best pic of the Mach Foose but the angle of the shots are similar. You can really see the difference of the front wheel moved forward and shortening the nose of the Foose build. Any thoughts? Is shorter a better look?
  17. Thanks Jason. It’s hard to appreciate the work put into the lines and proportions till there is distance between the eye and the car. Take it all in at once from farther away. Too late for changes regardless but it's good to get it outside.
  18. Hard to believe that those rear tires are 29” tall. That rear quarter eats them up easily.
  19. Hi all Finally pushed it outside. Haven’t spent any time on it lately but it will get attention soon.
  20. It’s looking really great. Red with black is always a favourite of mine.
  21. Well. It took longer than I expected but I finished the graphics on the race car and today built a front splitter for it. It leaves my shop tomorrow and I should be getting back on the 71.
  22. Lol No. not an E30. It’s an 1989 BMW street car made into a race car. I was agreeing that it is awesome. I wouldn’t be putting my hands on an authentic one but .......... what a track car this is.
  23. Oh ya. This beast has an in-line 6 putting 600 hp to the wheels.
  24. upload image to a post on web Not a mustang but belongs to a mustang lover. I thought I’d share because after watching my buddy Christin do my car I thought I’d try laying graphics myself for my buddy Vince since he’s selling the his race car. I realize now that anyone doing car graphics for a living could also be s jeweler or dentist or BRAIN SURGEON lol. Tedious work but very rewarding if it turns out the way you want it. Now that I’ve “tried” it for 10 hours with 15 more to go, never again. Leave it to the pro’s.
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