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  1. A little side by side to see the extent of the changes.The new design include creating what i call my version of a "SHELBY" "R CODE" front facia. Something you would see on a 66 or 68 transam race car only its for a 71-73. Next thing i did was snip the tips of the bumper brackets a couple of inches back and designed a new bumper that looks a little more like a 70 Shelby bumper meaning leaner and tighter to the body. I then pushed the light buckets back to the rad support, about 3" or so as well as the grill. I took this opportunity to remove the vertical supports that hold the hood latch receptacle since im going with the Areofoil locking hood mounted latches ( in place of the stock twist down locks) Rectangular Inner grill lights will probably become clear driving lights and the marker lights will be relocated in the all in one halogen head lights. I was contemplating removing the rectangular lights in the grill all together but there are some styling Q's that make a 71 a 71 and thats one of them.The car has to be instantly recognizable as a 71 Mach only it needs to look like its been on a heavy round of steroids. Lol. In other words, my muscle car's muscles needs more muscles
  2. That would look awesome. I'd love to see that done. I'm going for a more wide butt look on this one. I'm actually trying to have the facia appear narrower to give the whole car a more arrow head shape visually. I'm doing everything in glass so that it will be reproducible and make it available to anyone who likes it when I'm done. If I could describe what I'm after, I would say knowing how cool the 67 Eleanor turned out to be in the movie, Gone in 60 Seconds, I wonder what the first Eleanor would look like if it were redone and back on the street and then hope I did the car justice. A few shots of our progress Added in a brake cooling duct Shelby inspired duck tail in place of the rear wing means a whole new deck lid and quarter end caps Working out the exhaust ports in the lower valance for the custom tips
  3. Hi, my name is Angelo. I just joined the site yesterday and I have to say its because of your killer tail light design. I'm blown away by the vision and skill level! How do I get you to make me a set of those bad boys for my project.
  4. The latest SEMA show unveiled these awesome seats. The Mustang Shop in Calgary got them in for me and i was impressed by the quality of the workmanship especially for the reasonable cost. TMI XR sport is what they're called.
  5. I hope i don't offend the purists but i felt a more aggressive look is what i see for this car and that is why i started on this body mod journey with a simple fastback (no MACH 1's were injured in the creation of this project LOL). The person i purchased the car from gave the car a Mach 1 appearance. I then lowered it, put taller tires, blacked out the magnums and drove it for the summer but December is when the changes really started. You may want to look away. First i spent 6 months looking for the perfect wheel and then the rubber. Not an easy task considering the specific odd sizes i wanted. Then i had to cut off the rear quarter flare just to accommodate the 29" tall and nearly 14" wide tires. Once i was sure where they were going to live i started to weld up my bird cage structure around them to create my new rear quarters ( about 3" wider per side). That then evolved into extending the length of the rear of the car about 2" to where i felt it would work best to get my look creating a deep dish light panel. I then skinned the cage with cardboard and resin. This is before and after. The shapes changes are obvious but are still far from accurate at this point. This is just a base to build on. This was all done from just before christmas 2013 and went to the body shop where my friend Danny and I create the final lines ready for moulds to be made. An idea of how the car sits after the mods.
  6. Its a treat when there are so few around. Its like seeing a ghost when i see one in my travels which is hardly ever and thats why i thought i should have one.
  7. Hello fellow mustang lovers. Name is Angelo and last year February I purchased my 71 fastback. My schooling and current profession has to do with art and design and my hobby and passion is putting attitude into my cars using my love for shapes and design. The 71-73 mustang in my opinion has lines that say more than many other cars out there, old and new alike. I like a little bit of a challenge and my first restomod was my 68 coupe. I've had the car for 8yrs now and enjoy it very much but this 71 is my real challenge.
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