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  1. Exhaust tips, reverse lights and lower grills still need to be completed before I can call this side done.
  2. Got everything lined up. Done from the outside. Now the inside needs addressing with the inner light buckets and led light board. I’m thinking I may black chrome the gas cap to knock it down a tad. A little too bright for the ready of the rest of the back
  3. Very cool space Vinnie. Great to have the room for such a structure.
  4. Mounting holes are great but the steal pan needs some cleaning up around the new bezels for it to sit all the way back. Stepping away for today since it’s already bit me and drew blood lol.
  5. I know you have all probably had your fill of this tail light panel but I just spent a few hours sanding, taping and spray texturing the bezels. Then the whole thing got a satin clear to knock down the sheen. Has a very factory original feel about it up close. Glad things went my way today. I wouldn’t know how to deal with a paint issue on this intricate thing at this stage. Lol.
  6. Wow. Those are ultra modern. My friend has those on his Jeep. I like them. I chose these because the turn signal is self contained. I do have a set of black lights. They were in my much earlier build photos.
  7. Thanks for the great compliments my friend. I will look into those headlights
  8. That’s right. We took it away from the center of the lenses because in this case we thought it would look better. It’s going to be relocated as a separate light along the lines of 67-70 reverse lights.
  9. I agree with you. I was going to charcoal it out but I had done a sample and the colour sitting inside that pocket somehow didn’t look as polished. What I am going to do is add texture to the bezels. This way I touch on differences on colour, texture and shine.
  10. “Ivan the fussy” saw something he didn’t like. Let’s just say I can take coal and make a diamond right now. He’s laughing. Lol. Great to have passionate people on your side.
  11. So this weeks focus will be on the tail light panel and assembly. The 4 pieces that make up the panel have been bonded together and is getting an IR blast to cure the resin. 8 studs were inserted for mounting. Tomorrow it gets painted and installed. Then final lenses get trimmed to fit.
  12. The one at the show is actually a Javelin. AMX is a much shorter car.
  13. Lucky me. Today my son and I got to see the Ring Brothers handy work up close and personal. Very impressive build. All the right things in all the right places. Just yesterday the Prestone graphic was added to the rocker date. Nice touch.
  14. So I opened the garage door today and pushed the car out into the daylight. I thought the charcoal grey was doing a lot of flopping from dark to light but the red.... it looks like it’s hooked up to a battery. That I wasn’t expecting. I think it’s because it was more overcast and colours look more pure with less glare but wow. Lol
  15. I have to say, back in it’s day, it was pretty unattractive. I remember being at elementary school and my grade 7 teacher had a green sports roof and even at that young age I wondered what those tail lights were all about compared to the year before. Now, the nostalgia of it all makes me feel a connection to that shape that is pretty strong.
  16. I had to but heads with a one or two people that would rather I didn’t use stock lights. Or at least close to stock anyway. I like them as well.
  17. This being the place where 71-3 lovers hang out showing it to you all on this forum is me showing it off at its peak. The rest of the world are car lovers in general. Still great. Lol
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