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  1. Wow. Thank you. It’s surreal to be acknowledged for something you would have done privately anyway. It is truly satisfying and I have this forum and it’s wonderful members to thank for that. Aiming to create something special with the sounding board that is 7173 I think made this car even better. It’s still a good year before all the mechanical fit and finish is done so I look forward to more feedback and banter from this bunch. Lol.
  2. Too funny. Getting it all done tomorrow. So more pics to come.
  3. Wherever the Teflon tape couldn’t do 90 turns it had to be cut with a blade. With Just the right pressure All the red pin was hand layed and curved. All the lettering as I mentioned was plotted and machine cut. That’s why just the hood took Christian 10 hours.
  4. 3M matte charcoal metallic. Teflon tape / hand layed and cut and small amount of machine cut for lettering.
  5. Your right lol. The naked eye is so much better. You really get the colour flop and crispness. Vinyl has come such a long way.
  6. Thanks guys. I haven’t thought about where if show it. Our own MOTORAMA show pales in comparison to the Detroit custom car show. Maybe I take it Stateside.
  7. They still have to get the black Powdercoated 1/4” honeycomb grills popping out I find it very satisfying that the charcoal vinyl flops from flat black on one angle to almost silver on the opposite angle.
  8. Piece by piece it’s turning out just like I wanted.
  9. Keep plugging away my friend. It’s how some of the best memories are made.
  10. Exactly my taste. I’d have some killer call outs if I was sporting a Voodoo engine or something exotic like that but I don’t think it’s worth throwing on 347 so I opted to go with my Design name VILAN and the PYTHON logo.
  11. I see what you mean. It is definitely one way to do this build. I have a few friends that feel the car should go stripe-less. The intention all along is to do an evolved version of the BOSS 302 stripe from the year before. Something you might have even seen from Ford or Shelby. However, the car has a lot more realestate in front of the tire so I flipped the stripe and have the side stripe wrapping around the nose of the car rather than the area between the door and tire. In my view, even though it’s very different than a BOSS stripe, it needs to be something they eye would be used to seeing on a Mustang vs something totally off the cuff. I hope I don’t disappoint too many people but I personally am happy with the aggressiveness. Of course it’s just a concept and once we start plotting and cutting here on site it will get tweaked to fit best but a mustang with no stripes isn’t a mustang that I have ownership of.
  12. Thanks Scott. Yes it’s going to turn in front of the tire and run down the body line just above the rocker and potentially end in the quarter scoop.
  13. I understand it’s a take it or leave it thing I guess but I lone how racey it looks.
  14. Colours are going to be like the top image. Layed out kind of like the middle image. The last image was the first idea put to paper. Of course all the corners will be rounded. Always sticking with my BOSS 302 feel but with plenty of input from Marco with regards to everything from colour to fonts to even the placement and how far to go with it. Bouncing ideas off each other I think makes for a better finished product over being headstrong on anything. Final call is always mine but it almost always is altered from my first vision. Sometimes my ideas aren’t the coolest of the day lol.
  15. best free image uploading site Met with the graphics guy today. He’s been aware of this project from the beginning and is right into working on the car for me. He is very skilled and professional. He has chosen to bring his laptop and plotter here to my shop on a weekend and cut the graphics right here and install them. Should be before months end.
  16. Why haven’t I seen this car! I just stopped working and sat down for more than a half hour and went through the whole thread. Then I noticed the dates. I took a deep breath when I read about the owners passing. What a killer job your shop has done Mitch. It’s perfect!!
  17. I set out to do this car in 2014 about3 years before we heard about Chips intentions on doing one so I never thought there would ever be a reason for Chip Foose and I to be talked about in the same sentence. I have to say it’s very cool and your compliment are very kind. I guess it’s a good thing our designs are different because it gives me the space to finish the car how I wanted to without overlapping the same styling cues he’s done. Looks like first one in last one out has its advantages lol
  18. I told Ivan you have big cohones insisting on black but I’m game if you are. I think he pulled it off and I’m glad I listened to him. I can’t see any other colour for this build now that it’s done. It will have the race car elegance I was after.
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