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  1. Rick, that's my stompin ground. Shame in in Fort Drum NY right now on an exercise with the Army. Right across the street from Zeck Ford is a great BBQ place called All Slabbed Up. Give it a shot, you won't be sorry. Good luck. Marty
  2. + 1 for verts, also will these tie into stock seat belt buzzer circuit? Marty
  3. Welcome back in time for Memorial Day! I still fondly remember leaving Afghanistan twice, great feelings both times. One of the reasons I retired so I wouldn't have to see it a third time! Enjoy a few cold ones and start playing with the stang for fun. Marty
  4. Marty, flappers should be open with motor off closed with motor running open at wide open throttle They should not be opening and closing as the motor warms up Don Don, You are "Spot On" as usual. I checked and they are working as you described. I tried to talk my wife into holding on to the hood and check at open throttle, but she declined.
  5. Looks great Doc, I think you'll like the NASA hood treatment, but I didn't love mine until I put the functional Ram Air into it. Just make you feel better watching the flappers open and close as it warms up! Marty
  6. Just retired after 26 years in the Army, 22 as an officer. Even with multiple OEF and OIF deployments I'd join all over again. Truely a lifestyle and not just a job. Thanks to all the rest of you who chose to answer the calling! Marty
  7. Welcome! You'll love your car and this site. 73 is a great year for the vert, I love mine. Marty
  8. Doc, I think it was a raffle, $100 per ticket with 600 tickets being sold. I posted the flyer under the pic (it's a .pdf file).
  9. Hey guys, ran into this car at a waterpark attached to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio while visiting family on leave. Kinda neat watching my kids get excited over seeing another 73 vert. I think the auction was today and it was a beautiful car from Mecum Auctions. If I didn't have one already I would have bought a ticket. Marty 73%20Mustang%20flyer.pdf
  10. We try to drive them as much as possible, even now with the weather changing here in Kansas. Good thing is I'm only a couple miles from home to work. I love the sound of the headers and flowmasters to much to garage it for long!
  11. Hey guys, been awhile. Happy Holidays! I've been on the road TDY since May in the new job. One of my fellow LTC here at work has a 1973 Mach here with him in Leavenworth and another 71 down in La. I snapped a picture of our cars parked side by side at our unit. Needless to say most of our soldiers were jealous of the old girls. Marty
  12. Nice one Ken, Most of us still in are ready to hit the VFW and Legion to keep the Heraldry and Honor going as it is our time to uphold the banner. Besides, we are getting tired fast and begining to gray ourselves after the last 10 years. Thank God for those past and present who give all on a daily basis, but most of all to the families. Marty LTC, Army
  13. I painted mine as soon as it arrived with heat resistant ford corporate blue spraypaint from Autozone. My carb is the original motorcraft 2100d with spacer, intake is stock as well. I think the hose you are looking for is a vacuum line, not the PCV hose off the breather cap on valve cover. Mustangunlimited and Autozone have vacuum diagrams online.
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