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  1. Welcome back in time for Memorial Day! I still fondly remember leaving Afghanistan twice, great feelings both times. One of the reasons I retired so I wouldn't have to see it a third time! Enjoy a few cold ones and start playing with the stang for fun.



  2. Looks great Doc,

    I think you'll like the NASA hood treatment, but I didn't love mine until I put the functional Ram Air into it. Just make you feel better watching the flappers open and close as it warms up!




    Marty, flappers should be

    open with motor off

    closed with motor running

    open at wide open throttle

    They should not be opening and closing as the motor warms up




    You are "Spot On" as usual. I checked and they are working as you described. I tried to talk my wife into holding on to the hood and check at open throttle, but she declined.

  3. Hey guys, ran into this car at a waterpark attached to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio while visiting family on leave. Kinda neat watching my kids get excited over seeing another 73 vert. I think the auction was today and it was a beautiful car from Mecum Auctions. If I didn't have one already I would have bought a ticket.





  4. We try to drive them as much as possible, even now with the weather changing here in Kansas. Good thing is I'm only a couple miles from home to work. I love the sound of the headers and flowmasters to much to garage it for long!

  5. Hey guys, been awhile. Happy Holidays! I've been on the road TDY since May in the new job. One of my fellow LTC here at work has a 1973 Mach here with him in Leavenworth and another 71 down in La. I snapped a picture of our cars parked side by side at our unit. Needless to say most of our soldiers were jealous of the old girls.




  6. Nice one Ken, Most of us still in are ready to hit the VFW and Legion to keep the Heraldry and Honor going as it is our time to uphold the banner. Besides, we are getting tired fast and begining to gray ourselves after the last 10 years. Thank God for those past and present who give all on a daily basis, but most of all to the families.




    LTC, Army

  7. I painted mine as soon as it arrived with heat resistant ford corporate blue spraypaint from Autozone. My carb is the original motorcraft 2100d with spacer, intake is stock as well. I think the hose you are looking for is a vacuum line, not the PCV hose off the breather cap on valve cover. Mustangunlimited and Autozone have vacuum diagrams online.

  8. Yeah. The beer sooths the bruises a bit and yes, my wife told me to quit cussing. Them little holes in the under hood were hard to see. Did you figure that you had to remove the 8 machine screws to install the plenum properly? Thats why they send so many screws. I had to drill 2 holes to complete the job. Did you? BTW, what size bolt does the snorkle use. Oh and the other question, the EGR, which way does it go on as for the hoses? Thanks.


    Didn't have to drill any holes, and it took a few days before I realized I needed to remove the machine screws as well. My kit came with 2 sheet metal screws for the snorkle, gold in color. I'm attaching pics showing the carbon canister, pcv intake and driver's side pcv outflow to EGR spacer on carb.





  9. Hello,


    I need to get the center console clock of my '71 Mach 1 repaired. I'm not sure whether I should go for a repair of the mechanical movement or have a quartz movement installed, but I tend to the latter because of battery drain during longer storage periods and reliability.


    I have found four options where I might get the clock repaired:


    - Clock Works

    - Instruments Services, Inc.

    - Omicron

    - West Coast Classic Cougar


    Can anyone of you recommend one of the above companies for clock repair? Any other option?


    Thank you, Manfred



    I had mine refurbished by Jerry at Clock Works. Did a fantastic job. I didn't go with quartz, but original workings. Keeps excellent time now and looks new. Cost was around $80



  10. Looks great! So I guess your volunteering for more TDY!


    Mike I don't know about volunteering, but our next big trip is to Korea for a couple of weeks. Goog christmas shopping for the family...I'll have to see if the Koreans make any good black market 71-73 parts?:D

    +1 for the cool factor going up. Good use of TDY $...that's one of the ways I spend mine too.


    Don, looking at your stable, you've got better paying TDY than I do!!!:D

  11. Hey guys,

    Just got back from my latest training mission with the Army and put some of my TDY (Temporary Duty) money to good use on a long over do (and desired) upgrade to the car. I've been wanting to put the NASA hood to use since I purchased the car back in 2001 after OEF 1, and thanks to CJ Pony, I've done it. Relatively easy upgrade, but the "cool factor" for me is over the top. Looking at our calendar for the next few months I can start shopping all over again.





  12. Guys, sorry but it's been awhile since posting anything but I've been reading. Busy traveling the world with the Army once again. Signed into my new unit with and one of my fellow LTCs just happens to have 2 big bodied mustangs. A 71 Sportsroof and a 73 white Mach 1. I'm working on getting him onto the site but we've both been traveling in different directions. We'll spend most of Aug in Indiana on an exercise, so I'll recruit him there. I've seen his Mach 1, nice looking car so I'll ensure to get him to post the "preverbial pics" as he introduces himself. Amazing how mustang guys seem to find each other, almost as close knit a family as the Army.



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