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  1. I'd love to have one to wear on my travels around the world and show off our pride!
  2. We had the sirens going off on Fort Leavenworth the night before Joplin got hit. I think we will all pay a little more attention to them if they sound again up this way. On Sunday it was a sunny day here, but we could look off to our South and see the tremendous thunder head clouds that turned out to be the storms that hit Joplin. Amazing that in this part of the country you can be out drinking beer in the sun while a few miles down the road all Hell is breaking loose. Local news is calling for nasty storms our way again this evening, keep your fingers crossed. Hope all is well with our members out there. Marty
  3. Got mine replaced after my last deployment. Ran around $800 including top w/ glass, padding & labor. Turned out great and a 3 year warranty to boot. I figured that if I tried it and screwed it up, I would be out a top, if the shop screwed it up, they would replace it. Well worth the money. Marty
  4. Thanks guys, beats the hell of of guessing and buying different bolts at the hardware store. That way usually assures me at least 2 trips to the store before I find the right ones.;)
  5. Guys, does anyone know what size bolts I need to mount my front plate bracket to my urethane bumper? Marty
  6. Ray, do you still have the charcoal evaporate canister & hoses from the engine compartment? Thanks Marty
  7. Geicko commercial! I don't think I'll try that with mine.
  8. I picked up a switch through advanced auto, took 24 hrs to get shipped from warehouse. Ran about 19 bucks, worked great. Hardest part was disconnecting the wiring plug under the dash after 37 years. Marty
  9. Great news! Trust me, he's one happy camper, but it will take some time to process the change for him. Tell him job well done for all of us. Marty
  10. That's great!! I missed that one in 05.
  11. The verts do look great but the real appeal to me is the smiles on my kids faces as their hair blows in the wind and they spy the world without walls from the back seat. Makes it all worth while. ;)
  12. Welcome aboard! Always great to see more 73 verts on the site. Marty
  13. Wow, that's a lot of bolts!:P Just kidding. OK, you got me on that one:D
  14. Here is a posting from the Kansas City craigslist. The parts of located in Springfield MO. I've purchased 73 rear bumper bolts from them, seem like nice people. Eventually I'm going to drive down to see what they have in person. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/pts/2306338067.html
  15. Thanks to all who helped me troubleshoot my electrical issues. New ignition switch fixed the starter/car not turning off. 30 bucks, good advice and a few beers went a long way to me keeping my sanity working through it! Thanks Marty
  16. Finally had my "better-half" take a pic of me with my other love. Marty
  17. Eric, you made me think for a minute, so I went out and checked but the posts are labed S and I and hooked up right. Thanks.
  18. Chuck, you had it right, car wouldn't shut off & starter wouldn't disengage
  19. ok, tried the new solenoid and the car is still doing the same thing, starter won't disengage when key turned to the off position. I'm going to try the ignition module next. What is the easiest way to lower the column to get at the 2 bolts holding it on? Answered my own question by unbolting the steering column, lowering enough to get the nuts off and disconnected the switch. Have to wait until tomorrow for a new switch at Advanced Auto. I tested the old switch by having someone turn the car over and checked for voltage at the "S" side of the solenoid connector and had nothing. I'm hoping that leads to a bad ignition switch. Good thing is that these parts are fairly cheap so far.
  20. Don, your spot-on with the starter engaged sound, it had me jumping quicker then rockets impacting around me a few years ago! I'm off to pick up a new solenoid this morning, I'll give you guys the verdict later.
  21. I guess it's better to have the electrical gremlins mad at you rather then the wife! At least I can fix them without going to jail:D
  22. How do you know if it is a stuck solenoid or ignition switch? How can I check the solenoid? I had the same thing with my 73 convertible, I replaced the solenoid and the problem went away. I started with the easiest thing to change and that was the solenoid. Good point Ken:D
  23. How do you know if it is a stuck solenoid or ignition switch? How can I check the solenoid?
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