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  1. After working through my fuse issue yesterday, I started the car today and the starter sounded like it didn't disengage fully and the car wouldn't shut off from the key. I had to use the battery quick disconnect to kill the car. Could it be the ignition swich? I don't have a tilt wheel column and haven't ever messed with the ignition. Any thoughts? Marty
  2. Figured it out at last, I finally turned on the headlights in the garage and found that the front right side marker light wasn't on. Pulled the bulb, cleaned it and it came back on. I'm guessing that it was shorting in the socket and blowing the fuse. Horn works now, but the clock got fried. So now I'm looking for a clock! Thanks for the help Chuck, I owe you a beer or two.
  3. Thanks Chuck, according to that fuse box in the wiring guide, it's fuse #1 that blowing (different fuse layout then I have). The cig lighter and horn aren't working and the console clock. I've checked about everything else and all seems well to include blower motor. Don't have AC. The only electrical work I've done in the last couple of weeks was replace the original bootcap cover for one of the wires on the pos side of my coil for an eyelet one to use with the nut that came with my accel coil. The bootcap kept slipping causing the car to stall.
  4. Just had the car out for a drive and noticed my console clock stopped working. Checked and fuse #7 (20amp), according to the owners manual, was blown so I replaced it and the new one popped instantly. Started looking and the horn is also on that circuit and not working. I know it is a constant power circuit so I unplugged the clock and horns up front, tried again and blew another fuse. Any ideas on where to look and what about bypassing the fuse? Gotta love electrical issues! Thanks. Marty
  5. I bet he'd want one if Conan O'brian had a few!:D
  6. Alan, as stated above, color choice is part of the fun but by going with LED bulbs you'll be blown away with the brightness. I sure was. Marty
  7. Wow, must have been too good! It was a red 73 4 speed for 10,000.
  8. Here's a decent looking MACH 1 for anybody looking in the midwest. Engine compartment looks rough and I'm sure the cowls are perfect, but I've seen worse for more. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/2283336890.html
  9. Saw that the other day as well, you gotta wonder what else he has off camera!!
  10. Here's another MACH that hit the craigslist here in KC a few days ago. Looks decent, but the shape of the engine compartment would have me a little skeptical of the rest of the car. Marty http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/2283336890.html
  11. Welcome Bill, great to see another convertible coming back to life. The Northeast played hell on these old cars, mine came out of the Buffalo district, at least what was left of it did.:D::welcome:: Marty
  12. Welcome Jason, you have come to the right place. I'm a fellow Buckeye as well. Marty
  13. Just arrived from Kansas to Fort Myers, Florida for a spingbreak with the family. We're all slowly thawing out in the 80 degree heat;) Driving around yesterday we spotted a gorgous 73 red mach 1 and a couple of 65 verts tooling around down here. I wanted to honk and wave, but then realized I was driving my sister's 99 windstar and not my car (bummer). Anyway, stay warm up north and I'll keep on spotting ponies down here for the week. Marty
  14. Ditto! And a fellow Buckeye to boot. Marty
  15. Welcome and good luck with the car. There's a vast amount of body and mechanical knowledge on these cars based here, but the sound systems need some lovin too.::welcome:: Marty
  16. Welcome back, I found mine fairly close to the same way. returned home to Fort Drum from OEF1 and found mine in the local classifieds for $1500.00. Came to find out it was one of our generator mechanics from down range selling it before PCSing to Germany. Drove it home for $1200 but she was a basket case. That's another story. Good luck and enjoy the rebuild. Marty
  17. Welcome!, I love the color. I'm partial to green myself. Marty
  18. I found this website a few years ago and am constantly going back to see the new additions. Truely a heart wrenching collection of pics and stories, but also very entertaining. I'm sure the eclectic group of guys here will enjoy browsing. Even a few 71-73 beauties hidden in there. http://www.carsinbarns.com/index.html Marty
  19. Welcome, that was one great story. If I ever decide to go after another mustang I think I'll give you a holler! Good luck with the MACH. Marty
  20. Ditto here in Kansas, we are currently at 70!:cool:
  21. Good stuff, Marty! About time you let us know a bit more about you. :) I still think you're the guy that pointed me in this direction with a PM over in the Vintage forum - wasn't that you back in the beginning of August? Good to see you again, so to speak. Doc Thanks Doc, I'm usually on here in the background reading posts and enjoying. Great people and great information.
  22. Welcome and get ready for some great times and lots of headaches. I'm up at Fort Leavenworth, so not far from you at all. I'm no expert but I'd be happy to help with what I can. I've developed relations with a few great garages/mechanics in my area as well as local car guys from car shows. Get a digital or paper copy of the shop manual, it will pay dividends. Good luck and stay in touch. Marty
  23. Right now most of my free time is dedicated to reintegrating with my family. It's truely amazing how much changes after being seperated for over a year. Really enjoying helping the kids with homework, I feel like I'm reliving 1st, 4th and 7th grades all over again. (I'll bet my teachers would be getting a great laugh at that one!) Once spring finally shows itself here in Kansas fishing will be the next great event followed by numerous soccer games and dance (daughter, not me.. LOL). Oh and then there's that "honey-do list" that never ends. So along with still being an active duty Army Officer on a daily basis, life is good!!
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