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  1. Welcome Don, Like you I'm a fellow Buckeye. My parents still live in Millersburg, not far from you. My family and I usually make it back there on leave during the summer months, hopefully this summer I'll get a chance to swing on by. Thanks for what you do for the for all the Mustang lovers out there. Marty
  2. uv, if I remember right the kit came with 5x bright white LED and red LED bulbs for my cluster. My set had the red for the warning lights (non-TACH car). The bulbs simply replace the current bulb already in the socket. The only catch is the (+) and (-) sides of the bulb/socket must be placed on the printed circuit (back of cluster) as per the instruction sheet. (I guess the current flow must be right for the LEDs to work):rolleyes:. With the 5x brighter kit the wiring and blue difusers remain origional thus giving the factory "blue" look to the lighting. Hardest part is taking the left dash apart to pull the cluster. I've also replaced the door courtecy land map lights with LED bulbs. Makes a big difference and they don't get hot. Here is the web site for the company that made my kit. www.HiPoParts.com. Good luck
  3. UV, I installed the HiPo 5X dash lights in my 73 vert last year, I think I ordered it off of ebay at the time. Cost was around $50. Unbelievable improvement. With this kit you can keep the stock difusers on the cluster without a problem, with some of the cheaper kits the diffusers must come off. Marty
  4. Growing up in Eastern Ohio about 40 miles from Pittsburgh and surrounded by steel mills, most of us either loved the Steelers or Browns, thank God I went for the Black and Gold! In my travels around the world in the Army I've always enjoyed the company of others from the "Steeler Nation", truely great people from all over.
  5. Not sure about OEM, it's been on the car since I've owned it (9 years). The vacuum connector is the wild card with replacement parts. I guess I could cap the vacuum line and see what happens.
  6. Steve, welcome aboard! I've got a few of your parts installed already and I'm sure there will be more to come. Great web site for shopping. I'm always looking forward to the discount e-mails during your sales events. Marty
  7. Welcome, glad to have somemore Kansas owners! We are currently stationed up at Fort Leavenworth, if you're ever up this way shoot me a note. Good luck with the restoration. Marty
  8. Mark, I've attached the pics below. It sits at the front of the intake in front of the coil, to the side of the dist. Heater hose connects directly to the top of the fitting (where it rotted). Vacuum line goes behind the 2bbl and connects into a three-way vacuum connecter then into the carb base. Thanks, and Happy New Year to All! :D
  9. Guys have a question. I need to replace my hot water elbow on my 73 and can find numerous replacements part #18559, but mine has a vacuum acuator on the side and none of the replacements I've found do. I've currently cut about 1/2 the hose tube off that was rotted and shoved the heater hose as far on as possible. It seems to be working but I'd still like to replace before more issues arise. Do they make one of these with the vacuum port on the side? Thanks. Marty
  10. Welcome to the club! The mustang will be like that old elephant saying, one bite at a time, and you'll get there. I just finished replacing my beltline weather stipping and adjusting the windows on my vert, all in all relatively easy and fun. Good luck and enjoy. Marty
  11. Currently an Army Officer, just dropped my retirement last week after 24 years. Bought my 73 after my first deployment to Afghanistan in 2002 and financed her reserection with two additional trips to the Middle East (thank goodness for tax exemptions!!) Still trying to grasp what it will be like to actually have to buy real clothing for the next phase of life.:D Update: Well as soon as my retirement hit the system, the Army offered to keep us posted where we are for a few more years rather then sending us to El Paso, TX. Since I'd rather be in Iraq or anywhere else than El Paso, we decided to stay on active duty for a little while longer. We kinda like the job security and the school systems here are fantastic for the kids so we are going to continue to "pad the retirement". My new job will have me traveling and training units preping for deployments and gives me a great chance go find parts all over the states and maybe have a beer with a few of you. Marty
  12. From one Buckeye to another, Welcome!! O-H-
  13. Welcome! Always great to watch another convertilbe "arise from the ashes". Marty
  14. Good string, I've been thinking of putting one on my 73 but have read on other forums that the pedistools provided are too short for the convertible and the tips of the spoiler will touch the rear quarters. If you have them already installed, maybe you could post pics along with any tips on installing them. Thanks, they do look good. Marty
  15. Wow! Just put flowmaster 40s on my car replacing 10 year old (or older) turbos, what a difference in sound. Nice and aggressive but not overbearing. Only running 2 1/4" pipes with cyclone long tube headers but very happy for now.:D
  16. I tried some krydon semi flat black and it looks pretty good right now. I'll check it in the morning sunlight to see if its flat enough.:D
  17. Hi all, trying to find what color black to repaint my metal dash. I've learned the early mustangs had a charcoal black metalic paint, but not sure if that is correct for the 71-73 beasts. Thanks.
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