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  1. Remember to remove the small tip in the seal channel that holds the rope seal from moving if you use a rubber two piece seal.
  2. Only guessing but it sounds like you may have jump time. You will have spark but at the wrong time. If you have the original fiber coated gear this is a real possibility. I would mark #1 plug wire location on the distributor then remove the cap and turn the engine to top dead center. Rotor should point to #1 location. If not rotate the engine one more time and back to top dead center in case you were 180 degrees out. If neither position points to #1 there is a timing problem. There have been distributor gear failures but less likely.
  3. Although I usually don't comment because people have so many different ideas of what looks good, and being older I find some of my ideas are stuck in the past. I must admit I have enjoyed your post, pictures, and how you completed certain restoration and upgrades. It is a daily ritual for me to check and see what was happening on your post. I think your car looks fantastic. I have gotten so many ideas on how I might start my project with all the different ways you proceeded with repairs and the web sites that have been posted by you and others. I am also impressed with your skill level and patience and the quality of your restoration. Although I know your excited to be close to finish, I hope you will continue to let us know any changes you might make or your evaluation of the items you have installed. How proud you must be of the final product. So Jealous in Florida Budbass
  4. I did the same swap 20 years ago on a limited budget. While the performance gain was nice Qcode351mach is correct. Performance was great but the handling was less than desired. Now I had no money for suspension changes or brakes but the engine took some of the fun of driving away for me. The front was too heavy. I had to be careful if I left the road to turn around as the car would get stuck very easy. It also did not brake well as my Mustang had drum brakes. If I planned this today, suspension and brakes upgrade would be top priority with using every means to lessen the weight on the front end. Getting rid of those anchor weight heads would be a good start. My 460 and transmission still sets in my garage today, 20 years after the fact. To install and get running I had to change: the motor mounts adapter the power steering pump mount shorter spacer on front fan short rear shaft c6 transmission Take a couple of inches off the drive shaft adapted transmission shift linkage headers All of these problems of course can be corrected with enough money. I did not have the money to do the swap correctly.
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