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  1. Nice set of low mileage Firehawks and Dog Dish Hubcaps. Make offer. Pick up in Cincinnati, OH
  2. I think maybe I have seen it all now!! Its dinner time and I just lost my appetite!
  3. Thanks Luxstang. I have seen your car a bunch on here but now looking at specifically the absence of the badges, mine are definitely coming off.
  4. Any ideas for hotels? Looks like the entire area is sold out.
  5. Funny...I just mentioned the same thing on my "De-Badge" thread!
  6. Nice car Bob...I like the look without the badges. They may be coming off!
  7. Thats funny you said that, right after I got my car I texted a friend a picture of it. He replied back..."nice Camaro!" :)
  8. Anxiously awaiting pics of the hood after paint and detail. And installed.
  9. Starting to think about paint for my 73 Vert. I am not a big fan of the script "Mustang" on the front fenders and the back. I am considering removing them and filling the holes. What will it look like...too plain? Not real worried about originality. What do you think?
  10. Plus IMO we were all cheated because it would of been fun to watch the story of your new toy unfold and see the progress with your restoration.
  11. Legally, yes, but for someone who followed this transaction on our site and maybe used information to strike a deal for himself is just plain wrong. I have always believed, a handshake (even a virtual one) is good enough for me.
  12. There is a copy of the 71 Mustang Information book on the site. Click on "Data" at the top of the page and click on 71 Mustang Facts. Fun to read.
  13. Contact member yard351, he had a bunch of front end parts
  14. Are you sure it was a forum member? If so, that really sucks. Sorry, I hope you get your airfare back, but that wont make up for getting your dream crushed.
  15. The Autoworx listing says 1971, so it was a typo.
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