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    We have two 1971 Mach I's we are putting together for our kids and 1972 Mustang Convertible we are looking to sell. That is all we have in this era.


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    Southeast Missouri

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  1. Im sorry. Its open Also its a bill of sale car. Truly lost title. Missouri its simple ancheap to get one tho
  2. Hi everyone. Havnt been on much lately but i stumbled across a barn car. A '73 q code auto mach 1 roller. Been sittin in the barn since '85. Im lookin to keep a cple items but not wanting the whole thing (no time to part it all out an dont need another project) Goin by pics an description Car has typical body rust (qtrs doors an fenders) floors trunk frames cowl n such r good n solid. Tach car interior there but needs recovered No console. Grill an rear honeycomb looks good. Flip gas cap added. Tinted windows. Non fold down. 9" w 350 Just checkin to see if theres any interest in the chassis as a builder or if somebody wants her for all the parts. Hate to see her go to waste I can send sum pics. An goin to see in person this weekend Thx. Steve
  3. Ya. Unfortunatly i had to put a new cam in it. I dial indicated the rockers after checkin the easy things
  4. Ya. I appreciate all the info. Shifter is off an the toploader will go in 1st an reverse at the same time. And it locks up the tranny. Just doesnt seem right to me
  5. Yep. Mine has the same linkage Uses this stud an grommet on the shifter
  6. That was my thought. But as i said i can put it in reverse and 1st at the same time Sure looks like it. Ty. I appreciate it
  7. Ok. Lookin for sum help from u experts out here My boys 71 m code 4 speed toploader w hurst mach Issue one. Once fully parked in 1st gear. Sometimes it wont come out of 1st. Slide under it line up shift arms ur good to go. Thought a bushing kit in shifter was needed Now i see with the shifter unhooked from tranny i can manually put it in reverse an then also in 1st. This doesnt seem right at all. Any help?? Also as far as bushing kit need help. It has the grommetts that pop into shifter arm an then a ball studded piece pops in. Linkage arms have elongated holes for the adjustment. I need those bushings an cant find em. Any suggestions?? Is this the correct linkage setup for 71-73's? Or is it supposed to have the threaded ended linkage arms? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Gotta wonder if they'll offer them w the different bolt patterns. I know theres at least two
  9. Ok thx. Yep i did know that an plan on dble chkn wires an plugs tomorrow evenin then onto other things if need b Thx
  10. Tryin to eliminate the easy ones first for sure Even chkn cam is way easier than droppin bell housin. Rubber mtr mounts is now on the list. Thx
  11. It is constant once its up to 1800 an increases as rpms go up I do have a flat tappet cam. Broke in properly an run zinc additive Can easily chk cam by pullin valve covers I do have urethane mounts Brand of pressure plate ill have to chk Its not anything like a miss tho. Just a high super fast vibration
  12. Ok. Fresh 4v cleveland from top to bottom. Bored but Factory stroke New balancer. Original flywheel resurfaced New clutch an pressure plate Engine Builder broke in engine said nothin bout vibration. Timing checked and dead on. Even sittin still in nuetral. feel fine vibration in steering wheel (kind that will put ur hand to sleep in two min) startin bout 1800 rpm Took belts off to eliminate accesories issues. So to me has to b balancer (as new parts can b bad) or clutch assmbly. Used clutch alignment tool for clutch install an all torque specs followed Any suggestions how to tell if balancer or clutch assembly is the root?
  13. I know mach hinges r different. A buddy of mine added all of it to his grande. An has to use a prop rod. The springs themselves r different. They r square sided.
  14. Sometimes u just have to take a leap of faith. Recently on here somebody posted a link for a 71 cougar tilt an rimblow. After askin a few ??? I jumped an luckily it wkd out great. All was in excellent shape. Even the horn switch
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