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  1. Hi Harry. Can you please tell me the exact color code you used for your brown? I love it! I have a medium brown metallic car I need to repaint and I really don't like the factory shade, but I do like the shade on your car. I'm thinking your car is painted in a shade of brown that is different from the factory shade, but I could be wrong. It looks a little darker to me. Thanks, Kevin.

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  3. I have a 1971 Mustang 2 door hardtop which has been in the family since new. It has an original 351 Cleveland 4V and FMX 3 speed automatic transmission. It has a 3.0 rear. The vinyl top is original. At 65 MPH the engine is turning 3,000 RPM and it feels like it needs another gear (4th). Is there any way to replace the current FMX with a 4 speed automatic transmission and if so what transmission?

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