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    Mustangs are cool
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    71 conv,429cj, 4spd 3.5 N-case, it's not an original but the running gear is correct.

    69 Fastback, it's a project. going to be a built BBF with a Lenco 5spd. Looking to get the car in the mid 8 to low 9 sec and still be streetable. I just hope I get it done before I am too old to drive it. lol.


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I have always been a car enthusiast. I have owned a 65 Mustang, 68 Firebird, 70 Mustang Fastback, 70 Torino Cobra Drag Pack, 69 Boss 429, 72 Chevelle, 76 280Z, and currently own a 69 Fastback which is my street/strip project, and a 71 Convertible with a 429 CJ (currently 460CI), 4spd and 3.5 N-case. My favorite ford engines are BOSS 302's, Cleveland's, and 385 series. I have served in the US Army. I attended a two year automotive machinist course, I currently work as supervisor for public transit in Seattle. My German Shepherd is the best friend ever, I love dogs. I also enjoy shooting my Glock 17 and always maintain a concealed weapons permit. When I cruise in my car, it takes me back to yesteryear. I love the sound of the engine as well as the classic music of the 60's and 70's. Life is good!

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