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  1. I have these heads with Hooker 6915 ceramic coated 4V headers and they fit great. Only issue is that the collectors are angled inward so the exhaust system needs some extra work to connect to the headers.
  2. Two problems I have seen referenced a lot is exhaust leaks throwing off the 02 sensor and dual plane intakes causing issues with fuel distribution. Adding an open carb spacer may help. Check for any exhaust leaks up stream from the 02 sensor and 18 inches after. Hope you get it sorted out soon!
  3. Sorry to hear David. Praying for a full recovery.
  4. The counterweight on the flexplate is matched to the rotating assembly of the engine. Preferable the rotating assembly including the balancer and flexplate are balanced at a machine shop. So, if you engine originally used the 28 oz flex plate that is what should be used. There could be many causes of the vibration. You need to look at whatever was changed and review each change for potential causes of the vibration. Good luck!
  5. The blue circle is for the key minder switch. I think you have to remove this first. The red circle is the pin you have to push on while the ignition is in run (or maybe acc) to pull out the lock.
  6. I used to get my supplies at Emmons Coachworks in Villa Park, IL but it appears they are out of business. I used the Zymol that was hand rubbed onto the car. Started by washing, HD Cleanse, clay bar and then the wax. Don't know what I will do now when my supplies run out.
  7. I just put mine in and the car was only about 1.5 feet off the ground. However, I lifted the driver side of the engine up and put the header in from underneath. Went in pretty easy that way.
  8. Hurd lock out of Greeneville, TN made the original lock cylinders for Ford. If you could find some NOS locks that would probably be the best option. Otherwise Strattec Security Corp or Huf North America both made Ford locks after Hurd lost the business. Don't know if any of those door cylinders would fit or not. Both Strattec and Huf are plate tumbler locks and I don't recall if it had the same key profile or not.
  9. I got a Coverking from Costco to keep my Mach 1 covered in the garage. Just put it on a few weeks ago. It seems to fit well for being a universal cover. If you go to their website https://www.coverking.com/ you can look up by vehicle.
  10. I just had my 351CJ block cleaned and magnafluxed for about $150 at a shop in Wisconsin.
  11. Was there last year, do not think I can make it this year. You really need more than one day if you want to see everything (swapmeet and car show). Lots of stuff.
  12. What make you believe it may be from a 1969 or 1970 re-VINed GT-350? Chuck Chuck, When looking up the C9OE - 6015 - B in a casting decoder page it said that this casting code was used on GT350s. I know it came out of a 69 Mustang but he didn't tell me what it was. I got the block 30 years ago, so I don't think I could trace the history of it. I can try to look for the vin number on the block. Thanks, Scott
  13. Mike, It looks like it may be from a Shelby GT350 acording to the casting code. Regards, Scott free photo hosting websites
  14. Mike, I have a 69 351W core sitting in the garage. I can try to take a look at the casting numbers this weekend. It would need to be cleaned and bored. The only issue is that I am in Wisconsin. Let me know if you are interested. Scott
  15. I ordered mine! I have this years hanging up at work so I needed a new one to replace it! Thanks!
  16. David, Could he do aluminum inserts in a MUD base? That may be a little cheaper. What % of glass filled are you looking at?
  17. The other thing to think about is the alternative of buying a new Mustang GT is $33k to $40k+ and then you have a belly button car that everyone has one. It is not everyday you see a one of these Mustangs and some people would rather have something unique that they can make their own. Scott
  18. Is the distributor wired up properly? Do you have 12V to the coil in the Start position? I know when we did an electronic ignition conversion on a Mopar we had it wired 12V at start but 0V at run so it would start but stall when the key was released. Could yours be the opposite?
  19. I got one for work and it is great looking at Thin Lizzy's car every day! One of my favorites!
  20. David is right. Hurd was Ford's only supplier until I believe the 90s when Strattec, Valeo and Huf North America took over production. Our locks I believe are pin locks so you have to have enough pins to recode the lock to the key. When the break in the pins line up it rotates. I think it is probably more trouble that it is worth to re-key the ignition or the doors. Hurd was and I think still is in Greeneville, TN near Knoxville. So is Huf North America. Hurd may actually still be making the service/aftermarket locks and keys.
  21. David, So sorry for your loss. Get in touch when you are back up in Wisconsin. Regards, Scott
  22. If you are using full floating pins then you are ok. This requires retaining clips on both sides of the pin in the pistons. Otherwise if it is supposed to be a press fit pin, then it will not work as you have 0.001" clearance between pin and rod. Call the store you are buying the pistons from to make sure that they will work with your rods.
  23. You should be able to get a new ignition coded to the doors. Maybe you could go back to him and see if he could recode it once you get the new ignition. Otherwise, I see ignition and door lock sets for reasonable prices in many places.
  24. If you have dental pics or similar you can try to reach into the lock and move the individual tumblers to see if you can free them up.
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