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  1. thanks for the ideas guys......found out a buddy has a newly rebuilt heavy duty C4. Going to look at that this weekend and make the final call.
  2. Hey everyone, Finally getting close to removing my 302 in my 71 'vert. In its place will be a slightly built 351C. The 302 was getting a bit tired, so I suspect the C4 is also tired. Should I rebuild the C4 or opt for an AOD? It looks like more than a few companies out there are selling AOD kits. How hard is this swap? I also looked into a 5 speed TKO swap, but that seems a bit out of my budget. Any other suggestions for a manual swap? Thanks....
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. My buddy has heard the engine run and he knows it did run good. The 351C was in a 1969 Mustang when his friend bought it. His friend wanted a period specific engine, so he swapped the 351C for a 351W. That is the reason it is for sale. My 71 'vert has a 302 that is just about ready for a rebuild, but a recently rebuilt 351C sounds good too. I read that the '70 heads with the closed chamber are probably best, but wasn't sure if the 73 block was good or not since it sounds like the 73 heads were not so good. I am not getting it for $250, but also not spending $1500. I am in the middle there somewhere , so I think its a good deal. Time will tell. Thanks again for the advice. Here is a pic of the heads. They look pretty clean.
  4. Hello all, A friend of a friend has a 351c for sale and I would like to get some advice on purchasing. It has 4v heads. It appears the block is a 73. It appears the heads are 197p. From what I have read the 1970 heads are good. How about the 73 block? The engine is missing the carb but has a blue thunder intake. Engine supposedly has about 10k on rebuild. It looks clean. What should this be worth? What would best carb and header choice be for this setup? I attached a few pics of the casting dates. Thanks in advance for any help... Having problems getting pics up, but date code on block is 3L12....heads show a 0M3. There is a 4 stamped in the corner of the head.
  5. Good idea on the laser line. I suspect I will be buying a stripe kit and using it for reference only. After I am complete, Go Time, and if its still intact, I will drop you a line.
  6. Looking good there Bobmarlojill......thanks for all the input guys. My buddy who is painting the car mentioned using a stripe kit as a stencil. After reading your posts, it looks like that may be the best option. Thanks again......hope to have this beast done in 4 weeks or so. Take care, Jim
  7. Hello everyone, Getting ready to paint my '71 vert. I really want to paint the side stripes and hood scoop. The hood stencils are easy to find, but I cannot find any sites that have the side stripe stencil. Any ideas?
  8. Funny, I was just looking at those grilles on Ebay. They look very close, but not exact. Thanks for the info guys. I wil see if I can find these for Mustang II's.
  9. I have a 71 'vert that is in dire need of some replacement grille covers for the door speakers. The speakers are marked Ford, but I am not so sure they are factory installs. The grilles themselves match nothing I can find anywhere for a mustang. They measure 5 3/4" wide by about 4 1/4 inches tall. I have attached a picture. Can anyone tell me where these might have some from? Thanks, Jim
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