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  1. Exactly what my leak was and the cure was the same. Good for you. Hopefully your problem is solved.
  2. I had a similar situation which progressed to some actual oil drips. For some time I assumed it was coming from the lower part of the engine and was expecting a big issue. As Don mentioned, in my case it was only the oil pressure sending unit located just behind the intake manifold on top of the engine. Replaced and tightened and no more seepage or leaks!
  3. Perfect.. Thanks I'll post once completed. Looking forward to seeing the finished version.
  4. here you go. Ruler and micrometer. The length is just shy of 1 1/2 inches. The micrometer has it as slightly less. Also got the height and took a measurement midway down the curve of the handle. Let me know if you need anything else. Jeff
  5. I think I read it on here when I was looking for a car five years ago! It really worked for me.
  6. Unless the 429 is different from the 351....I believe the partial VIN is stamped n the driver's side of the block in the rear by the firewall below the head. Camera or mirror work well but I cleaned the area and then took some clay and pressed it on the VIN and got an imprint. Play Doh or SIlly Putty work very well!
  7. I just realized it was Eddy that I sent a part to last year. What a gentleman...….With all the negatives associated with the internet, one of the positives is getting to "meet" people from all over the world who share the same passion. RIP Eddy.
  8. I have used Sta Bil in a variety of engines both small and large for decades. Some of those vehicles and equipment sit for months and months. Does it work? All I can say is I have never had a fuel related issue or gummed up carb problem (even on the older lawn equipment) and everything starts right up. So, I'm sticking with it. Also, on any metal gas tanks I do make sure to store them full of stabilized gas.
  9. Is that a piece of wood under the passenger side dash? Anyone notice that blue/black Mustang in the background?
  10. Sorry to hear that. It's a rush when the UPS guy drops off a part you've been waiting for and a bummer when there's an issue like that. That battery is too damn expensive to have to look at that crack! I'm sure they will replace it for you.
  11. Thanks Steve. Thats interesting. Ill bet she didnt realize it. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  12. I had a sneaky feeling it might be something like that. Damn repops!! Any suggestions as to what and where to get a GOOD one? Would this still be the case when under normal outside temps, it seems pretty close on the temp gauge, about 190 with a 190 stat and 14 Volts when running, 12 not running? At least I won't have to go pull the dash apart again to replace a wire. Thanks very much for your valued input. Geoff. My voltage was doing the same thing last week and replaced the VR to bring it back to 14.2v. If you dont want to buy a generic and replace the cover route, VCM has a solid state one with correct covers. They also have a solid state instrument panel VR. For my car it was..... http://www.virginiaclassicmustang.com/Voltage-Regulator-70-71-Autolite-Stamping-DOAF-P1330.aspx I have a generic regulator but it is solid state. For the sake of looks I thought maybe I would pick up the correct looking one. It's funny but when I went to VR's website - for yours they indicate it is a solid state regulator. When I went to the one for my car (its a 73) they talk about the part but that one description is left out. I wonder if their 73 is the "old" style or there is just an oversight in the description of the part. I'll have to call them if I want to go forward with it.
  13. Dave: Do you have the VIN number or any information about who your dad sold the car to? Jeff
  14. :) No, the battery crapped out about six months ago not after six months. I estimate it was about 5 years old as it was in the car when I first got it. Might have been older. It went through a lot. It was being undercharged by a bad alternator when I got the car and it pulled heavy duty because the car used to take a lot before it would crank over. I am very satisfied with that battery and its cool you got one. I wish I could have found one when I needed it as I would have gone that way.
  15. I had one of those nice repro batteries in mine and when it crapped out about 6 months ago I tried to order one and could not get an order through. I was ready to drop the cash but could not find one and I really needed a battery NOW! I'm glad you are getting yours. I hated to toss that expensive good looking battery out. So, I got the "fake" cover and a "regular" battery (a great one) for a bit less money. Spray painted the white battery case black just for good measure and put the cover on it. Looks pretty good - especially once it is in the tray in the car!
  16. Don't open that cap man! I'm thinking that unless there is an inkling that there is a lot of crud in there I might be more inclined to just gently flush the old stuff out with no chemical assistance and put in the fresh stuff.
  17. It depends how intense a cleaning you want to do! I am about to do this on my 2013 Mustang (due to age of the coolant) and will probably either open the petcock at the bottom of the radiator or remove the bottom hose. Drain as much as possible. Refill with distilled water and run the car with the heater on until the thermostat opens. Drain (after a little cooling time) and allow to cool and refill with the proper mix of distilled water and coolant. I know they make various kits where you cut into a hose in the engine bay and attatch your garden hose and flush. I haven't done that on this car or on the 73. On the 73 every few years I remove the lower hose and drain and follow the above "cleaning" and refill procedures. Also if the car has an overflow tank I clean that up. If my coolant had tons of floaters in it or worse (or wasn't drained and refilled regularly) I might consider getting the radiator professionally cleaned or using a cleaning product. I'm with Steve O though. Sometimes stirring up stuff can cause more problems!
  18. Sorry to hear this David. You've worked hard and like so many here, have worn out some parts that are well out of warranty. This weekend I went camping with my daughter on the motorcycle and sadly I could barely crawl out of the tent in the morning. It takes a while for my legs and balance to get working in the morning regardless of the bed. Made me wonder how many more years I'll be able to do these trips but for now..... Someone mentioned in this thread that pain changes folks. It sure does and living with it gives me more of an appreciation of what made my grandfather cranky early on. He was suffering from a variety of chronic ailments and it changes you for sure.
  19. Just saw this thread Dan. You back? Good to see you. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  20. At one time, Perogie based out of New Jersey had 71-73 ram air pieces / parts for sale. NOT CHEAP! They do have a web site. Hope this helps! Mac +1 on Perogie. They also rebuild old ones if you find a set that is not functioning. As Mac said....not cheap!
  21. I try to pare down the "stuff" a few times a year. One of my tests to see if I am going to toss (or donate something) is to hold it up and consider if it will just be dragged along to another home 1500 miles away when we retire and move someday and/or if it is something I will never use and it will wind up with a 75 cent price tag on it (and two old ladies fighting over it) in our garage sale when we do finally move. If the answer is yes I just get rid of it now! If my wife uses that criteria it is likely I will get tossed out as well :)
  22. That's really cool that she sent you those pics. I would love to be lucky enough to get back to owner no.1, but I'm just taking it one step at a time... When I get my car back from the shop I'm going to try to find that build sheet and give the car a thorough searching, maybe I'll get lucky and find and old clue as well. Still have your carb on it BTW, it ran with it but still having that same issue.... hoping the shop will be able to figure it out for me. I thought that was you with the carb! Hopefully, they get it squared away and you get that baby on the road. As far as finding out data...all it takes is one clue and you pull on that thread until you get the next one. Obviously, in the age of the internet this has become easier than before. If all else fails you might want to put a picture of the car and some info on something like Facebook and see if anyone knows anything.
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