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  1. Sold my 73 Mach 1 H code for $28,000. Happy and sad at the same time...lol
  2. I find this thread really funny, especailly making a comment about automatics being girlie when in todays society half the people are to lazy to use their turn signals when making a lane change. But what I find most amusing is someoone living in the San Francisco Bay area calling people with performance automatics girlie men :D
  3. Just wondering if the person or persons at the LCBC show who own the copper colored 302 with the Ford National sticker on it are a member of this site? Nice car....checked your ride out and was glad to see your car there. It was a very nice show....the church is unbelievable if you took time to look at the auditorium lol
  4. That's pretty cool, great job......I hadn't seen it until a friend of mine sent it to me in the email.....thanks for your input!
  5. Maybe most of you already know about this site, but some of you might not so I thought it was interesting and hope you do too. Give it a try lol http://www.lov2xlr8.no/broch1.html
  6. thanks to all of you for the info......I went to the local auto store and was able to purchase a set of bushings.....the thing that bothers me is that both sides got destroyed at exactly the same time.....I don't abuse my car at all....I was wondering if it's common for that to happen to both sides at exactly the same time? The people where I take my car for service (same place as who did my restoration) and the folks at the auto parts store told me they never saw that before.....just wondering thanks
  7. Here's where I show my complete ignorance, but then again I joined this site to learn lol So with that in mind I have a few questions what is the correct name of the bushings the arrows are pointing to in my pic? Is there more than one kind to replace them with? Where should I look to buy them? The bushings on both sides got completely destroyed at the same time....is that common for that to happen on both sides at the same time? and is there some kind of solution that may have caused them to deteriorate quickly? thanks ahead of time....bill
  8. Your car looks great.....that color is one of my favorites.....enjoy!
  9. Just wanted to let everyone within striking distance know there is a very big annual Car Show being held on June 8th 2013 at the LCBC Church in Manheim, Pa Lancaster County. They get well over 1000 cars and 3000 spectators. It's well organized and free. You can register on-line.......Take a look at the vid from last year. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5375913502/?ref=enivte001&invite=MzA5NzYxMC93cGxldGNoZXIyNjFAY29tY2FzdC5uZXQvMA%3D%3D&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=invitenew001&utm_term=eventpage#
  10. I just drove by the Museum yesterday after attending a car show....wish I could have brought it home with me lol
  11. I didn't realize I like mine as much as I do until I took my 07GT for inspection last wednesday and found out I only put 75 miles on it last year.
  12. Welcome and congrats on being an original owner!!!
  13. Thanks everyone for all the comments. mrbill4, My wife and like love to visit your state, especially the Lancaster, Intercourse, and Adamstown area's. Look like you like you live fairly close to CJ Pony Parts :D. Yes, I live in Lebanon, Pa that is about 20 miles from CJ's so when I ordered parts for both my cars I usually drove over to pick them up. It takes about 40 min to the Intercourse part of Lancaster...we are about 6 minutes from the Lancaster/Lebanon exit of the Pa Turnpike which is where the Pa Reneissance Fare is located.....If you want, let me know when you'll be in town and maybe we can touch base. There are many big shows around here including the Ford Nationals and the Great Pottsville Cruise.....keep in touch, bill
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