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  1. I'm sorry I infact didnt read all the details, no offers with the rust etc., didnt realize it was a flipper car. Hopefully you came to the right place to get your full 6500.00
  2. a deal has been made! Jeremy will be the new owner! oh WAIT.......:huh:
  3. GREAT catch Wil e, this guy is stuff full of stuff like a Christmas turkey..... I have the MARTY Report. It was originally a Demo car. It was originally ordered by the Sales Manager, later the Dealership Owner, in the San Jose California area, and then sold to his Niece." And low and behold it is SPECIAL because it was used in TV commercials??? That makes it better? that makes it SPECIAL? Rare? I have had a sheet metal overlay made to cover the original, and operating, tail lights, that uses the California Special style sequential tail lights, (L.E.D. for low profile). I'm sorry but can somebody help me understand what a "sheet metal overlay" is to protect the original body???????? this guy is funny as ALL get out. my guess is "he was told"? is it JUST ME? or am I imagining that I heard the Boss 351 was an "R" code car back in 71 not an "M" code?
  4. 19,000 ???? you got to be kidding me! LOL no wonder it went 0 BIDS!
  5. 40.00!! the wires, switch, light and base ALL in perfect or near perfect condition.
  6. give him time it may take 3 weeks.... the man said he is busy with the new job.
  7. Looks like a Plymouth Prowler with the back half cut off
  8. SOLD IT!!!!! ::chili::::chili::::chili::::chili::::chili::
  9. WOW you have the most rare car of all .... I have never got a Marty on this car he charges too much and I have the original order, window sticker and the dealer invoice to show it is original. and you cant afford 100 to prove it? He has a reasonable price and yet the only game in town. I agree he is not the nicest guy but WHO else can validate your claims?
  10. the only part that 72 left out was that all OTHER comments derived from what their father or older person said because that is what "they" were told! as the story goes a newly wed wife cooks a ham she cuts off both ends prior to cooking. Her newly wed husband ask "why"...that is the way my mother did it. So upon a family gathering he ask the mom the same question. "well that is how my mother did it" . later on at yet another family gathering he ask the wife's grandmother. "so tell me why you always cut the end off the ham prior to cooking it" she responds "because my pan was TOO SHORT" Fact is if it doesn't have zinc...it may not be good for our cars.
  11. I drove by the same spot on I-95 everyday for 5 years!!! A DPS TROOPER sat in that same spot for nearly 5 years. Everyday I drove by in my Expedition with the factory tint windows. HE or THEY NEVER stopped me. We are moving back to Texas. My wife is pulling the 12 ft. trailer behind the Expy. SHE gets pulled over. I see this in the big truck and pull over . THE JACKAZZ is checking her window tint. FOR GAWD SAKE it is a 50 yr old woman and a 10 year old girl and a EFF"N CAT!!! he is ticketing her!!!!! FOR WINDOW TINT! I get out to see what all the excitement is .... and walk back casually and carefully. I pleasantly ask "officer what did she do"...he RESPONDS! "SIR GET BACK TO YOUR VEHICLE this is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!! I responded that is my wife and child we were driving 10 mph under the speed limit I feel I have a right to know ...... WOOO BOY HE CAME UNGLUED!!!!! for the first time I felt "uncomfortable" speaking to a law enforcement officer. After reading some other comments... I now know they are NOT to be trusted.
  12. I have this sense of humor that seems to only resonate with other old guys in my timeline and even they are too lame to get it...... DOCTOR...Gene Scott...on LATE night telly while I was pouring through hand written cards and rol-ah-DEX preparing for the next day and watching SOMETHING to keep me up in the weeeee hours. He was a televangelist that I found ENTERTAINING...more that moral guidance. ] THIS guy from the movie Jumanji a childrens entertainment movie... yes I have a weird connectivity
  13. Now tha brutha REVerend... Ernest Angley ..... just turned the PIN TOEoooooo in TheeeeeeeISah
  14. in this corner weighing in at a mere two thousand 59 pounds ......... PInnnnnnnnn TOooooooooooo
  15. I have a set of single switch wires, bases and 4 clips (not many have these) I have both clips for the gang of 5. The bases are not cracked like everybody else. The ends that hold the clips are not chipped like many you find. I have 4 nice bezels. I've collected these over 5 years. One pancake motor rr. All of you have seen prices from 1100 to 3 THOUSAND! I'll take 600 for all of it. I'll post pics later but for now, email me and I can text the pictures.
  16. the boss was the first I noticed too. cool! 2nd thing I noticed is why I dont join Mustang clubs....all new cars and a gratuitous classic here and there. love the OMC idea...good job!!
  17. Is the VIN between 2F03F184256-305? If so, you have a sprint convertible. man good thing for those serials...he would have NEVER figured that out.
  18. all hail J.....all hail J....all hail J
  19. Morticia was dad gum smok'n hot !!!
  20. Yeah I watched it religiously as well as a kid. Just surprised me realizing I was watching the debut of the Munster Mobile!!! Like watching it the first time!
  21. ...... and that is a EXTREMELY nice coupe for 15...most will top out at 8500 IMO. A Sprint may fetch 12-14.
  22. gotcha ahh Dollar!! :D oh wait..you said 1 % that means I might need to send you 300? :D and of course I will relinquish all voting rights to said agreement. :runninpony:
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