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  1. On 7/3/2021 at 1:34 PM, Ryunker said:

    I have a set (extra) here, as I later decided to paint the decals on. Don't know what shipping is, but if you have interest in them I will hunt them down in my scattered parts area.

    Thank you very much for your offer.   As they need to be shipped to Europe and this in an insurance job I will need official invoices and stuff for the duties and freight.   I’ll try and get a set from the Graphics Express that several others are recommending.  I did already try to order from NPD before I saw some of these replies but they won’t ship to Europe unless I buy more stuff which I don’t presently need.

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  2. On 6/21/2021 at 1:51 PM, timachone said:

    Hi Nigel, 

    find another inspector, please! 

    My Mach 1 still has the red Pony indicator and no inspector has ever complained about that! And don't let you be forced to another unecessary changes to your car! I still have the original taillights, hazard warning light indicator and so on... The only thing that had to be changed thanks to the German law is the position lamp in the front. They don't have to glow orange. You can keep the lower turn signal lights, have to change the headlights to H4 standard with integrated parking lamps. The original parking lamps/grille lamps have to be non functional as orange front light is (officially) is not allowed here. But nothing else! You have to find a more experienced inspector! 

    Tim thank you and I have found another place who seems much better.   I have changed the headlamps as you mention above, the speedo to kph with one of the overlay kits, and for teh TUV already put the rear indicators into the reversing lamps lens...for now.  Hopefully next week all will be done and i can go and get my license plates!

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  3. Hi all,

    I just shipped my Mach1 to Germany and in transit it picked up some paint chips/damage to the front and rear.   The trunk lid and right side rear quarter panel will need painting so consequently the Mach1 decal and stripes will need to be replaced.  I've found the replacements at NPD for $50 but before ordering (and then having shipped to Germany....) would appreciate hearing your views on quality of these or any other suppliers you've used.   Many thanks in advance.  Nigel 

    Damage 1.jpg

    Damage 2.jpg

  4. 45 minutes ago, 71coop said:

    Are you referring to the headlight high beam indicator? It's on the "running horse" emblem on the speedometer gauge, near the bottom. Should be illuminated red when high beams are on.

    Thank you and yes.   I have just brought my Mustang from the US to Germany and am in the proposes of getting it inspected (the German TUV) to make sure it is OK to use here and I have two issues to deal with - the warning light isn’t working (at all) and if it did it would light up red (based on your reply) and in Germany it should be blue.   Hopefully I can find a different inspector who will be more tolerant…

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  5. Thank you very much, Juergen - me too ::thumb:: 


    I will keep you all up to dated!


    You are driving and enjoying or do you have some small projects? We could also talk per pm to not overtaken this thread... ;)

    Hi Tim and Juergen

    I have a 72 Mach 1 Q Code 4 speed in the US that I plan to import to Germany when I finally return there.  It is good condition and hopefully will not encounter any TUV issues - any tips from you would be much appreciated.  The body is very solid with no rust and all mechanicals are good.  I am just replacing all the seat belt webbing at the moment.  I am planning to take out the 4 speed (which I'll keep) before I ship and replace with the Tremec 5 speed which is a bolt in conversion with no cutting needed - and which will make it more autobahn friendly.  

    I would love to be able to track down a correct KMH speedometer so if you ever hear of one anywhere let me know please.

    When I do return to Germany I'll be sure to let you know.




  6. I bought one to and had the same problem. I bought mine through Amazon and I contacted the company through them and was sent a link to an UN encrypted version. I loaded it onto my hard drive and it works fine.


    I contacted the publisher today and within the day received the following helpful reply which fixed my problem:



    Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2015 19:24:21 +0000

    From: xxxx@forelpublishing.com

    To: xxxx@hotmail.com

    Subject: Re: 1972 Colorized Mustang Wiring & Vacuum Diagrams



    First, thank you for purchasing one of our products and I am sorry for any trouble you are having. As the publisher, we work very hard to produce top quality products so any reported problem we take very seriously.


    I believe the problem may be with the version of License Manager you are using. What version of License Manager do you have? To check, open License Manager and then click on the "About" button. If you have anything older than v12.8.4 for Windows or v12.8.5 for MAC, then you should update it. To update, do the following:

    a) Close License Manager (if it is open)

    b) Close Adobe Reader (if it is open)

    c) Uninstall your current version of License Manager

    - To uninstall go to Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>PDF OwnerGuard Users Edition

    - Highlight PDF OwnerGuard User Edition - Select Uninstall

    d) Install the most current version of License Manager from our website at:


    e) Once on the download page, click "Download Now" and then click "Run".

    f) Follow the prompts to install License Manager.



    Please let me know if this corrects the problem. We stand behind our products, so we will get this working for you.


    David LeBlanc


  7. Hi all

    I've bought the wiring diagrams that are advertised here http://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Colorized-Mustang-Wiring-Diagrams-CD-ROM-/370640126131?hash=item564bdf80b3:m:m5LHUiHj-lL9k7oGJTslzQQ&vxp=mtr

    but having installed the DVD and completed the necessary code log in I still cannot open the files.

    It's probably operator error on my part. I have a newish PC and am using Windows 10

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

    I'll try and contact the publishers if not easy solution is found here


  8. CIMG1586.thumb.JPG.c643eea1f7db69abbcd2dfeeb8bbbb86.JPGCIMG1583.thumb.JPG.a0ba7f48acd5685a8cccf74ba144d549.JPG1314921116_CIMG1586-Copy-Copy.thumb.JPG.f5dc0b4176d417015eaaa8f8f626cb7d.JPG389433859_CIMG1591-Copy-Copy.thumb.JPG.13cc479b25320f8bffc8b8aea9ec8293.JPGHi everyone

    I'm selling these as a set. They are in excellent condition with no pitting and all fixing lugs are in place. There is very minor overspray in evidence, mostly on the extreme edge of the fender moldings but this will easily remove with some fine wire wool.

    Asking $150 firm plus shipping with payment via PayPal. Inferior pattern parts are available form NPD at double this price.

    I'll be listing these on eBay if not sold by January 5th but thought I'd offer to you guys first.



  9. Thanks everyone. I checked my car last night that is in the shop and yes it has the dual diaphragm as several of you suspected.


    The guy working on the car (Jeff Schrembi at Oval Repairs in Livonia MI) knows his stuff re older Mustangs, and was surprised that my car still had the points step up inside the distributor and wondered why I hadn't changed over to Pertronix. Apparently you don't have to do any non reversible work so can always revert back, just install the new innards in the distributor.


    I had a quick read on here and can see several people have changed over, some things to watch out for etc. But what I have works today, and I know will need maintenance in the future. I think I need to do some more reading to form a better opinion. As usual I'm finding the help I get on this forum amazing. Thanks all.

  10. Thanks to this site I recently managed to find the 'hard to find' under hood light that was installed originally as part of the convenience pack on my car.


    It occurred to me that there could be value in collaborating with some of the big Mustang parts suppliers (NPD, Ohio etc) to put together a survey among our members (and possibly other Mustang clubs also) to identify the parts that we need but just struggle to find either in breakers, on eBay or from the established sellers.


    The under hood lamp is one example. The inner A pillar trim piece is another. I am sure longer experienced members than I could easily add to the list.


    I guess this may have been looked at before but I thought I'd sound you guys out.


    Unfortunately (!) it is (too) easy for me to drive right by NPD on my way home so I could easily call in and sound them out.



  11. Hey Everyone. I am the proud owner of a 73 mach 1 and glad to be a member of this community. I drove 7hrs to take a test drive and I was hooked. I look forward to learning more from reading the forums.


    Take care

    Hey Biskit a warm welcome from Detroit - this is a great forum and I hope you get as much from it as I do


  12. Hello all!


    Thank you for allowing me to join the forum!

    I'm working on a 1972 Mach 1 H-code with my brother and father.






    Hi Marco and a warm welcome from Detroit.


    I worked on an off road buggy project with my son and the times we shared in the garage together were just so valuable for us both.


    Good luck - this is a great forum!.

  13. Hi all, I'm having trouble tracking down one of these - can anyone help?




    Couldnt find an original looking one but here is the one I ended up using:




    Thanks and not a bad alternative but I think i have tracked an original one down now. NPD should source a replacement for the 71-73s - I'm sure there is demand!

  14. Thanks for the welcome from all over the world! yes, this is a major undertaking for me, it has been 25 years since I last attempted this... I wanted to do one last car, but one that was initially complete in terms of original parts, rare and a big block... When this car became available, I decided that this was the one and I went all out to get it, including trading in a turn key '73 California mustang convertible + a bucket full of cash... and it still requires a full restoration! Why not...


    I am not a computer guy, pretty basic skills. I have been documenting the tear down of the car, 450 pictures so far. If I can figure out how to start a picture hosting site, I will post them there. Currently, doing the dirty work, much of this car has never been apart in its 44 years. Has some issues, (ie. the use of rear air shocks has caused some stress cracks in the rear trunk pan and the shock housings, I hate air shocks!!!), but they can be fixed. the car is due to go on the rotisserie at the end of the month if I can get it stripped down in time. I am working every day... Hope the picture I attached comes through... Cheers.


    A warm welcome from Detroit and look forward to following your story

  15. Just bought a 1973 Mustang Convertible. I've owned and restored several gen 1 mustangs. This is my first 71-73.


    Red, blank interior, white top. 351 C, FMX, 2.75ish one-leg. 71k orig miles. Block cracked from freeze. Water in transmission (unknown reason). Stored 20+ years. No rust, dents or rot. Lux interior is beautiful and complete. Has Mach 1 stripes.


    Building to stock appearance with Mach 1 hood. Will install performance drivetrain for fun driving.


    Welcome from Detroit - it sounds like an interesting project you have there!

  16. Be sure you take lots of pictures before you take anything apart it looked like it had not been changed much from original.

    I believe that when You got a Mach 1 in 73 you got the hood as part of the package and it also included hood locks. The hood might have been changed over the years. I looked at my window sticker and it does not list the hood or locks just the Tutone Hood Paint that cost $18.00.

    Keep the vinyl top the trim pieces, clips and pins go for $300.00 USD here if you can find them.



    About the hood, I found some interesting information in a "Mustang Restoration Guide" book:


    Which correspondaing to my sticker:


    And I found out what means 16A on the Chilton book:



    So, or the hood have been changed over the years, the air cleaner box too.

    God only knows.

    Hi Manu

    In the last photo in your post above which resto guide is this taken from please? I need some advice on the routing for the vacuum lines on the correct air cleaner I have bought for my Q code 72 Mach 1 and this looks to be just what I need. Thanks

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