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  1. Hmmmm! I took a look last night at the area around the fuses where the flasher unit for the hazard lights should be and..... couldn't find it! I'll take another look today and will also pull out my wiring diagram but I suspect the flasher unit may be missing and this is why the hazard lights stay on and don;t flash when turned on, and why the turn signals flash fast.
  2. I have a similar problem in that my turn indicators also flash very fast - I would say 180 times per minute. - I do not have any LEDs anywhere - All bulbs seem to flash brightly - I don;t think I have a bad earth or blown/weak bulb - When I turn on my hazard warning lights, all four turn lights come on and stay on - i.e. they do not flash at all My conclusion is that I have a failed hazard light flasher units (the one next to the fuse box) and that needs to be replaced and that is causing the turn signals to flash fast. Do you agree my diagnosis ? Thanks for any and all input as ever guys.
  3. I just did this exact same job - it is a pain in the a**e but quite straightforward. A couple of tips from my recent experience. - the first new sender i bought from NPD had the outlet pipe set at 90 degrees to the rear - i.e. wrong! When I returned they checked and all others were the same. They then said they had another part 'with an improved design' (!) that was a touch more expensive but had the outlet pipe at the correct angle - the new sealing O ring is a shade small and you need the Vaseline to make sure it stays in the correct position when fitting. On my first fitting I obviously didn't get it quite right and I had a small leak that of course only became apparent when I had some gallons of fuel in....so I had to do the whole draining procedure again. Second time it went fine. - I have not yet done the calibration properly but must do that. When full I now read 3/4 full. One for the winter! In hindsight I should have done it at the time but wanted my car for Woodward and Mustang Memories in August.
  4. A warm welcome Geoff from Detroit. I'm a Brit and way back in 72 I was a teenager in Chesterfield, just a little farther North than Birmingham and there too was a Grabber Mach 1 that I loved! I now have a red Mach 1 Q code and am so in love! Still got work to do but am loving her more every time I drive her!
  5. Welcome to the forum Paul from Detroit. Look forward to seeing some pics!
  6. 10-12 around town, 18 on the highway Pretty Stock 351 Q code (other than headers) with 4 speed stick and 3.5 (I think) My first drive in teh car was a long highway run and I was pleasantly surprised. I was also surprised how much it dropped when I started measuring local driving.
  7. It's been a hot weekend of everything Mustang here in Motor City with the Mustang Alley event tied to the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday and then Miustang Memories on Sunday organised by MOCSEM at the the Ford Product Development Center. Following a quick wash and leather and a 2/3 polish on Friday my car attracted many an eye at the Alley on Saturday and following the remaining 1/3 polish overnight, a few more photos on the Sunday. But the BEST part of the weekend for me, as I strolled around the swap meet on Sunday wondering why these sellers cart all their stuff around, was finding a superb center console, complete, with great chrome, clock and all wiring, no damaged screw holes and not warped for 'just' $325. Now in my basement are all the various bits (some duplicated) to make up my own console which my car had from new, but my main console would take a ton of work, already has some glassfiber work on it etc etc. So now all I have to do, is get my new complete and wonderful console fitted and have a poke around under the dash to find the wiring connector for the clock and illuminated ash tray. Oh and get all my other bits no longer needed listed back on eBay.... If anyone needs any console bits give me a shout!
  8. Muswagon thank you - that explains why there is such a shortage then and why the European one I've found that is not perfect is perhaps not such a bad option to pursue. Thank you!!
  9. Hi Guys, I'm still looking for the above and wondered whether any of our Canadian members might have or know the whereabouts of one. I need one with the trip meter. Through Luxstang on here I have found one in Europe but it's not the right type so I'm continuing to search. I don't want to go the decal route. Thanks in advance for any leads
  10. I like the white but also red, even with the incorrect stripe! The car in the pic isn't mine but is very similar. But there were so many other things that were good about the car that I bought it and am happy - though if you had asked me that on Sunday when I was about 1 hour into fighting to get the new rear bump stops pushed into the chassis I wouldn't have been....
  11. Fitted the new sender tonight - first attempt and failed - had a leak. I had tried to use the old retaining ring. I guess the 'O' ring had not sealed properly somewhere or had moved out of position. So I drained the little fuel I had in (did the car jacked up to the side routine again) took the fitting out, cleaned and refitted this time with the new retaining ring and all was good. And the gauge looks to work too - wow!
  12. Hi there and welcome from Detroit!
  13. Thanks - went back to NPD this morning and bought the 'improved design" version that has the pipe pointing in the right direction! Greattips here everyone - thank you!
  14. I started doing this job today and got as far as fitting the new sender unit.....then noticed the outlet pipe on the new one is pointing 90 degrees in the wrong direction!!!! So back to NPD tomorrow to exchange it and then hopefully fitted and away we go - I like the tip about the grease to hold the new ring in place!
  15. Well I finally did it today and fitted the $#$#$## rear bump stops rubbers - I've been driving around without them since April..... The combined effort of the wire wool and grease, smacking them with a mallet, long screwdriver, sweat and strong verbal encouragement won in the end. Took may be 1 1/2 hours all told. But I'm pleased they are in.
  16. Thanks! I'll be checking tonight!
  17. Wow and big congratulations and thanks to the founding fathers then. As a relative newbie I can't believe how much info there is here and that has been "only" 5 years in the making. What a team to work with!
  18. Welcome from Detroit and from another Q Code 4 speed - I've had my car a year now and am loving it and have gleaned so much value from this site. Where do you find the "buck tag" you are showing here on your car - probably a dumb question but I don't recognize it...
  19. Hi Jim and Jutta do these fit our cars? I recently replaced my lock buttons with new ones from NPD but my original ones looked much closer to the ones on eBay that you found. Jim and Jutta thank you - I'll take a look and see as you suggest I don't know of those would fit or not I was just giving them as an example of type of door lock knobs that would make it harder for a thief to unlock the door. I would try a auto parts store and that way if they don't fit easy to return. I got mine at Auto Zone for around $8.00 a few years ago.
  20. Hi Larsson and a warm welcome from Detroit. That is a cool car and a cool story and I love Finland especially in the summer when you get those amazing long days and sunsets that last forever. This a great forum and you can get advice and help on anything and everything.
  21. Hi Jim and Jutta do these fit our cars? I recently replaced my lock buttons with new ones from NPD but my original ones looked much closer to the ones on eBay that you found. I recently 'lost' my only set of keys to my car somewhere in the house and looked high and low. My wife got involved in the search (she's a great girl) and of course she found them - on my nightstand where of course I had already looked.... I now have a spare set cut!
  22. I bought my first and current Mustang, a 72 Q code 4 speed last year when I was 55. And I'm planning on keeping it. I have another hobby car back in Europe (a Cobra replica that I built and have owned since I was 33) but that doesn't have a rear seat. My Mustang has a big back seat that allow my family to share in the fun too!
  23. Nice shot and great to be invited to join in an event like this. Here's the blog link hopefully: http://blog.ford.ca/2014/05/02/mustang-celebrates-50-years-in-style/
  24. That looks excellent. I have to do teh same job on mine and have found the correct aircleaner that's in pretty good condition - now I see how good they can really look! Outstanding!
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