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  1. They look Chinese because of no-name and the small bearings. Brand name rockers almost always have a name or a very distinguishing characteristic of some sort. Once you upgrade your engine, you will want ones that use a 7/16" stud anyways.
  2. My Pro Systems carb works and fits very well on my Blue Thunder intake. I'm not sure the difference you will feel when swapping but I can't imagine it will be much if anything negative to say about it. All combinations are different but I'm sure you will not absolutely regret it.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/flowtech.induction/posts/700736276786036 Not sure how to post a link to Facebook but this was posted up and relevant to what you are looking for. If you click on the picture it should take you to the page.
  4. I have a hate relationship with anything chrome on an engine. Chrome to me usually means leaks. Thermostat housings, water pumps, and oil pans mainly. If it's chrome, it usually will leak sooner or later.
  5. Mark as no longer available. Going to convert the brake pedal pin to a power brake configuration, order some new bushings and z-bar parts then relist it on eBay.
  6. I use my 66 F-100 to haul stuff to the dump/recyclers all the time, as well as towing my car hauler. Yes it's a show truck but I love using it for what it's meant to do. A car/truck unused is a useless car. May as well buy a painting or some art.
  7. A rare failure indeed. 4th gear? No real way to tell at this point but I'd guess one of the teeth got chipped and failed under use. Those gears are very hard so they would need to likely get a crack from being dropped or forced together during assembly from someone unfamiliar with toploader assembly techniques. Complete renovation was unlikely because all the kits I've seen over the past 10 years have used plastic thrust washers. The metal copper lined ones may have simply been reused based on the preference of the builder, but if they were reused then what else was reused? The tarnished color of the brass synchronizer rings eluded to this transmission refurbishment not being recent and in my experience this was merely a cosmetic restoration.
  8. That is a parting line in the mold. Almost all 351c heads have something like that visible.
  9. I did not have the plugs at the time I sprayed. I never had the metal one. The rubber plug kit arrived too late and they were too small to fit properly so that was annoying. I put my originals in place for the time being but they are a bit ratty and unpainted. I have transitioned to a 390 build for my F100 and am retiring from active duty here in a few months. The rubber plugs slipped off my radar as I have bigger projects to finish first.
  10. FWIW, this is my car using the DupliColor paint. I used three cans as it doesn't cover very well and takes a very long time to dry. In the end it looks plenty good enough for me.
  11. Backordered from Holey because they are waiting on shipments from China. I am a FiTech supporter because of Holleys big business practice trying to muscle them out of business. When when they couldn't buy them out they brought a product to market that is darn near a clone of function and price point. It took them a almost two years to bring it to market but here it is. Now because they have the Holley brand name recognition and advertising klout, they are in the game biding for market share. Don't sell FiTech short. They have a great product line and many more options than Holley does. And they are not on backorder.
  12. Which shocks are you using? I've found the cheap Monroe and Gabriel gas charged units only last about 1-2 years depending on use. The fronts wear faster than the rears. I really like the plain KYB shocks as they have lasted about 4-5 years now and going strong. I've run the Gas-A-Just's before but find them too firm. Especially in cold weather. I don't care what the advertising says, they are notably firmer when cold and don't adjust for nothing.
  13. When I was stationed there, I found that depending on where the show was being taken place, the judges opinion of how a item was scored was based on the locality of the entrant. Hopefully the scene has matured since I was there 16 years ago. Many of the cars have incorrect parts because of the non availability and expense of importing proper spares. They just use what they can find to keep the cars on the road. Hence the extra leeway allowed in the MOCGB judging criteria. Do they give you the judging form at the venue on request, or do they still only allow the judging form be mailed to you 3-4 weeks after the event?
  14. Selling a 4-speed pedal assembly and z-bar with accessories. All in very good usable condition. This would put you well on your way towards a manual transmission conversion. All of these parts were cleaned and de-rusted by soaking in Evaporust. The Z-bar had elongated rod holes (typical) but I welded them up and drilled them back to their original size. What you see is all I have. It needs the plastic z-bar pivot balls and other wear items available from NPD in their Mustang catalog pages 192-193. You can also purchase the assist spring if you stick with an original Long style clutch or leave it off if you go with a diaphragm style clutch kit. The frame mount pivot has some pitting and wear but nothing that I see as being an issue. I have performed a C6 to 4-speed swap on my car about 18 years ago so I can assist with any questions that you may have. I would not hesitate to use any of these parts if I was do do another conversion. Sorry for the upside down pics, but this is what I have now that Photobucket went T.U. $350 plus shipping.
  15. I have had significant trouble with Autolite spark plugs in the recent past stemming from the inconsistency in their quality control. Ever since they stared being made over the boarder(Mexico/China) and no longer made in the USA they have had issues. Not just in the #25 and #24 plugs but also their their #45, #3923 and #3924's. These used to be the go-to plugs for the community. It seems so hit or miss with the quality of the plugs I see from Autolite anymore. My experience is that they run well for a day or two, then start misfiring, and that leads to plug fouling. After a fresh plug swap, all seems well but this cycle continues. In the mean time all the tuning you try and perform is time chasing your tail because you are just going in circles. I have made the switch to NGK spark plugs and could not be happier. I literally had the above scenario going on on my 85 GT's 408w for over a year before I figured it out. I would post pictures but with the recent Photobucket debacle I no longer can. I have converted many a non-believer and have fixed many many issues in peoples cars I have diagnosed simply by switching away from the Autolites. Not saying NGK's are the be-all end-all plug, but Autolites are just not what they used to be. I whole heartedly recommend NGK plug #6630 for your 351c.
  16. http://www.fordmuscle.com/news/power-profile-randy-jacobsons-midlife-is-no-crisis/ A neat read about a forum member.
  17. 1) NPT threads don't often need sealant, but if you desire you can use some Teflon thread tape or liquid Teflon sealant. 2) It should be a 3/8" NPT plug. The hole has a taper as does the plug so they get tighter when screwed together. Wondering if someone installed the incorrect style plug and that's why it's going in too deep. 3) You would need to run that plug in WAY deep to have it restrict anything. I don't even think its possible as it intersects the main pressure passage from the oil filter to the entire engine. It would be easily noticeable as you'd starve oil to the entire engine, not just to the top end.
  18. I have 4 1/2 leafs on my car. Stock ride height, standard eye. Bought them from Mustangs Plus over 18 years ago. It was fine when the car was an automatic, but after I swapped in the Toploader I had tons of wheel hop. My car has a Auburn Pro differential and not an open diff. I cured it with some old school traction bars. I always wanted to go with some Calvert style bars but I cant even really notice them and they work good, so I have not had the drive to spend more money on it. http://www.mustangsplus.com/1965-1973-Mustang-Leaf-Springs-4-Leaf-Standard-Eye-Grab-A-Trak-R.html
  19. My Borlas are pretty quiet and very mellow. [video=youtube]
  20. Here is my engine with the Boss 302/351 valve covers.
  21. There is this one too for a fox mustang. https://lmr.com/item/LRS-18919A/1979-93-Mustang-Antenna-Delete-Panel
  22. http://globaldiecastdirect.com/mustang/16033-johnny-lightning-mustang-1973-ford-mustang-convertible.html
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