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  1. Sounds like you should get the suspension sorted out before you start changing a major part of the drivetrain. Look into a posi/traction lock rear differential, bigger front swaybar, install a rear swaybar, and maybe new shocks and even better tires if traction is a problem. Do you have front disc brakes?
  2. What about these as an option? Anyone ever tried them? http://www.prothanesuspensionparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=6503
  3. I have one extra I'd be willing to part with. I actually have three but I'm keeping a pair just in case for when it comes time to build my new motor.
  4. A handful of 357mag ammo in the center console of an 84 SVO that I bought. Other than a bunch of regular findings I did find this cup back in 2004 under the carpet of a 69 mustang coupe that I was restoring. Thought it was pretty neat. Still have it as a matter of fact.
  5. Found this one in a junkyard in PA. I managed to get the ram-air hood hinge springs off of it but that's about all that was salvageable. Entire floor was gone. Plywood floor in the trunk.
  6. Seemed like a great deal if someone was looking for some 71-73 Mustang BBF 429/460 headers. http://pensacola.craigslist.org/pts/4035671822.html
  7. Low quality valvetrain/timing components can add serious error into cam timing. If you don't degree, you will never know. I say 80% of the time you never need to adjust more than 1-2deg to get it to true straight-up. I've seen on Chinese made Summit Racing timing sets add 3-4deg on average because of poor machine tolerances and slack in a brand new chain. I've found Cloyes True Roller timing sets are about the best value out there.
  8. When my car had its original C6 I remember it being finicky trying to find the proper gear no matter how many times I adjusted the linkage. Turned out that the shifter itself had some play of about 1/4-3/8" of movement before the linkage would start to move. If you take apart the top of the shifter there is a nut that I had to tighten. The slop was gone and the detents then lined up perfectly with the PRND21 once a final linkage adjustment was made.
  9. Comet scouring powder and a scrub brush with water works great as well. Was my dads old trick from back in the day.
  10. My car had the single exhaust when I got it. Boy was it restrictive. I modified the rear valance for the cut-outs and installed dual exhaust with the correct tips.
  11. Spraying is the easy and fun part. Its the rest of the body work that is the hard part. Sanding, sanding, and more sanding.
  12. That new cam looks to be very similar to the B-303 cam I used to have in my 85 GT. If I remember I used to pull about 15in/hg, idling at sea level. Idle had a great sound and would get many compliments. It ran best after I installed a old Holley 4010 carb with annular boosters. Pretty much the same as the new Summit Racing 600's carb. The annular boosters picked up torque down low and I could easily roll into the throttle and spin the tires in 1st and 2nd gears, where the original Holley 4180 was a bit soft.
  13. I have 295's on the rear of my 73 with minimal hammering. Unless you are going to seriously lower the car, you can easily stuff a pretty good sized tire under there.
  14. Mine has no number on it either. I scrutinized the heck out of it before and after having it rechromed.
  15. Is the vibe there with the engine revved in neutral or only when driving under load? Years ago when I went from 2.76's to 3.50's I had a much more minor vibe happen. After about 3-4 weeks after the swap my harmonic balancer came apart. Replaced it with a streetdamper and have been running it for about 15 years now.
  16. I have one on my 408 in my 1985 GT and love it. Its money well spent. I have nothing but praise to say about them and their service. I've recommended them to a few of my friends and they are satisfied customers as well. I take that back. I do have one negative thing to say. I liked their carb on my 408 so much that I wanted them to build me a carb for the 352 in my 66 F-100. He would not build me a carb as he said they are primarily for race motors and do not build anything for engines making less than 400hp. Even though I don't like it I have to respect them for saying it up front.
  17. They have done street racing, drag racing, drifting. About all that's left is genuine high speed.
  18. Way back when mine weighed in right at 3500. Thats with the stock 2v motor and C-6. Now it has a bunch of aluminum bits on the motor, headers vs manifolds, toploader, different rear bumper, less undercoating, less interior insulation and lighter seats. Maybe shaved 150lbs off?
  19. I had a friend use a Summit cam on his 289. No issues.
  20. I am especially fond of custom carbs. With the myriad of combinations of engine builds, no out of the box carb will ever be very satisfactory. Especially in high end, big crammed situations. I suggest going on to www.Prosystemsracing.com website and take a poke around. I am a believer as is everyone I know who has used their products and services. Every carb is custom built to the exact vehicle/engine combination so you get a fully matched carb out of the box. If you plan on doing the job right the first time, there is no other choice in my opinion. The only better thing is a EFI conversion.
  21. Yeah, four mustangs is a bit too much for me at this point in my life. Once I retire from the service and get my final house and big garage, Things can be hoarded better. Like cars.
  22. Well, today I got off my laurels and drove the Mach 1 to participate in my local mustang club's bi-annual show-n-shine at the local ford dealer sponsor. I decided to get the Mach out since its been a few weeks since I've driven it. I pulled into parking and noticed they had a few used mustangs on the lot. Once I parked and cleaned up the Mach I mosey'd over to have a look see. They had pretty much what I've been lusting after for a while now. Black, 2012 5.0, 6-speed, 3.73's, brembo brakes, air diffusers w fog lights. Pretty much a plane Jane mustang. Kinda how my GT was back in 1985. This one had only 8,633 miles on it. Almost new with the new $$$ off the top making it attractive financially. Owner had it only 11 months and traded it for a 2013 Shelby. After 4.5 hours of haggling I got the price I wanted and signed the paperwork. I have not been this happy with a car purchase, pretty much ever. I wasn't looking to buy. It was just the car I wanted at the price I could live with. I don't like anything 4.6L and I don't like the look of the 2013's. So 2011-2012 was it. Unfortunately, the boss says one of the other mustangs has got to go to make room. Looks like this weekend I'll be readying the SVO to sell. A bit sad about that as I was just getting it where I wanted it, but I hope it will go to a good home. Anyways, here are the pictures. I like this pic. Wife driving it home. Sticker = $50k!!!! 2x what I paid for mine. As I first saw it on the lot. Was only there 4 days before I bought it. It had not yet hit the websites or it would have probably been snapped up. Clear Car Fax.
  23. I have a long style Zoom basic replacement clutch in my car for about eleven years now and no complaints.
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