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  1. Most people buy gaskets that conform to the header irregularities, but the best solution is to correct the irregularities in the first place. Simply filing the flanges flat before installation solves this problem 95% of the time. Then you can use the cheapest gaskets and they will still go the distance. I have the Hooker Super Comp headers on my Mach 1 on there for thirteen years now with no blowouts or retorquing. Even pulled the heads once about twelve yeas ago and reused the gaskets. A simple solution to a common problem. It only takes about 10-15 minutes per header. Once you start filing, the imperfections will become very apparent. File them until they are smooth from end to end.
  2. Original 14" magnum 500's Weld Pro Stars New 15" Magnum 500's.
  3. I ported some E7 heads, gave em a valve job and installed them onto my 85 GT. Gained .4 seconds in the 1/4 mile and three mph. That's on a much lighter car. You may see a 10/20 h/p improvement tops but don't expect it to be anything comparable to a set of aftermarket AFR's or the like. If you need anything to the heads other than a valve job, start adding up h/p gains per dollar spent and those aftermarket heads start looking better and better.
  4. Definitely spray the paint. Ford pretty much sprayed over everything. Freeze plugs included so don't be bashful with it.
  5. POR 15 makes a Ford corporate blue engine enamel that is about the best I've found. Make sure you thin it a bit before you spray it. Did a buddy's 428ci, 1966 T-bird with it and it was a spot on match. Being an enamel, its also just like how Ford did it originally. http://www.por15.com/ENGINE-ENAMEL/productinfo/EEPA/
  6. Most high end super cars have staggered and directional wheels preventing tire rotation. No big deal unless you like buying four tires at a time.
  7. Did you neglect to mention the offending vendors for a reason?
  8. Unless you are painting a low rider with all sorts of red candies and ghost effects with metallic flakes out the wazoo, then you certainly don't need House of Kolor paints. When I had my GT painted I had a difficult time convincing the painter that I just wanted it stock. Satin trim, no ghost flames, etc. My Mach 1 is painted in single stage paint. Just like it was originally. It was difficult there again as they all want to shoot basecoat-clearcoat as its much easier for them.
  9. Being military when I had my car painted, I've experienced both ends of the spectrum. Sad to think that no one cares about attention to detail, but that's what good paint jobs require and it seems to cost a premium these days. You need to find someone enthusiastic about painting your car and not a shop that cares primarily about collision work. Stick with the grabber colors.
  10. I highly suggest running one. My car had a terrible vapor locking problem with the Edelbrock performer intake and Weiand Xcellerator intakes before I installed the intake pan back in there. What really made it bad was installing the ram-air air cleaner. Held a lot more heat in the carb. Surprising how well it keeps heat out of the intake. Vapor lock problem eliminated.
  11. I can't say what transpired on this issue, but I know things are tough for all active duty personnel. The Air Force last year lost more people due to suicide than combat.
  12. I repainted my car yellow because I too was not restoring to factory. Factory was saddle bronze. Not very flattering or valuable if returned to original, so I didn't have any reservation going the way I wanted with the paint color choice. In the end, it's what I wanted and glad of my decision.
  13. I love Holleys but the Demons are not user friendly for some reason. I had a 625 Demon and it does not respond to tuning like a traditional Holley does. Spent loads of time and money on it and could never get it to work correctly. It would start and idle great. WOT was fantastic. But driving it on the street was horrible. Sold it at a loss and picked up a traditional Holley and its been miles of smiles ever since. I do recommend the new Summit Racing carbs. I run a 600 on my F-100's 352. A friend has the 750 version on his 350ci Corvette and is very happy. Ford kickdowns and reasonably priced. Just a thought.
  14. Nice video. I've seen a disc that had flaps or serrations but not one like you are using.
  15. I wasted so much time and materials trying to get the roof on my 66-F-100 looking good. After the hammer and dolly work, there is more Duraglass and filler than I care to admit. But whats a guy to do? I used the 15" and 4.5" AFS sanders. Thinking of buying a longer one before I tackle the bed. Original pics of the roof for reference.
  16. I discovered AFS sanders recently. They are magical IMO saving so much time and effort. I don't think I could progress on my 66 F-100 without them. http://adjustablesander.com/adjustflexsand/AFS_Sanders_Home_Page/AFS_Home.html
  17. I have 15x10's on the back of my car. You can click on my signature and it will fill you in. If you have any more questions just ask.
  18. I broke two strut rods within two years using polyurethane strut rod bushings. Since installing the rubber ones it's been 10 years and still going. I actually prefer the rubber as it offers a smoother ride and none of the negatives.
  19. Taylor wires come with a shiny silicone coating on them. Kind of annoying but that's what they are. They should be spiral core wound wires. I've had my set on the Mach for 10 years or so now with no issues. Like others have said, you probably got a bad set or something.
  20. You usually need a strong 1/2" chucked drill or one that can be geared down, to have the power to prime the engine. A weaker drill will heat up pretty good and may not be up to the task. A high volume/pressure oil pump will have even more resistance.
  21. Looks like it has the Mach 1 side trim.
  22. A 5/16", 1/4" drive deep well socket is what you want. Attach it to a speed handle and get cranking.
  23. I play Zeppelin via the Pandora app on my iPhone. Its free and it mixes in Floyd, acdc and other artists in the genre.
  24. I've had the original Ignitor on my Mach 1 for 16 years with no issues, but the flame thrower coil burned out just outside of warranty. Put the original yellow top back on and it's been going strong for the past 15 years.
  25. Under hood unit? Are you referring to the under hood plenum or the air cleaner itself? My original plenum is fiberglass, and my original air cleaner is steel.
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