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  1. It was already for sale on eBay about a month or two back.
  2. I must be a certified moron because I never dream.
  3. That stinks. When I was there it was 72 and older vehicles. I was peeved that I still had to pay with my 73.
  4. Put some wheels and a bowtie on a brick and give it back to them.
  5. Was stationed at RAF Mildenhall. Used to do a lot of shows like the Billing Summer Nats, and various others. Was there from 93-01.
  6. I have a Weiand Xcellerator on my 73. The gasket is quite flat but it fits.
  7. SEM brand satin black paint using some Bulldog adhesion promoter will do it justice. .
  8. Welcome. I spent about five years stationed there with my 73.
  9. Its all down to what grommets come with and what you are trying to accomplish.
  10. Whenever I start painting I need to use one of these. It gets rid of all the moisture even down here in FL. Filters are cheap as a roll of toilet paper. Not what I'd consider long term use as the filter will get moldy if you leave it too long. I think I paid $95 for it. Very well made.
  11. I had this issue on my car I was fighting for a few years. Turned out to be a weak battery. I put a Optima in it and it is amazing how fast the car cranks now. It still sometimes strains a bit at first when hit but never fails to get going after the initial turnover.
  12. Not a great pic buy you can get an idea how I did mine.
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