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Community Answers

  1. If RD-72 doesn't want it I will take it. Let me know @MikeGriese and I can paypal you directly.
  2. Mine was a bit too long at the carb so I added washers at the manifold bracket to bring the cable back.
  3. The one pictured measures 3" from the "firewall" surface of the flange to the center of the eye.
  4. This is my spare from ACP. The length is 23.5", but I have not tried it on. I hope I am not surprised the day I need it that it doesn't work. If it is longer at least you can jerry rig it to make it work for an emergency, better than too short.
  5. I drive it. I drove 1,800 miles last weekend when going to Carlisle and back. Although, that is not the normal it was awesome. After that trip I feel now more confortable driving it more often and to more places. Not that I want to purposely drive it in the rain but I also realized that once in a while that's fine. I drove through a bad storm in PA and all went well - no leakages! However, I won't drive it in the winter. Too much snow and salt out there. That's also my time to perform the mods that require more time.
  6. Awesome. Good for you! That is really a coincidence. Maybe you can drag race the two Mustangs!
  7. Could be. I checked the pressure regulator and it wasnt stuck or anything. I dont think this pump from TuffStuff is that tough:) At least the case has the configuration that i need. I also have the steering gear converted to short ratio which makes things worse, and i have 5° of caster with my new suspension. We will see. If not it is money going down the drain.
  8. From now on, Seatbelt Planet is my vendor to go for custom seatbelts. I have no idea if it will fit fixed back seats since I am not seen the configuration. I assume it may be easier to do, but I could be wrong.
  9. As an important note. I am in the middle of replacing my Saginaw pump from TuffStuff. I am now learning that some of these pumps can generate 1,200 psi and others 1,450 psi. This could explain why I cant turn the wheels at low RPMs. I am purchasing a pump internal from Lee Steering that can generate the high pressure. That said i will keep the casing of my current pump that fits my application but replace the internal pump. I am hoping this is the solution. I will update once i have results.
  10. I am currently using the Eaton 1" longer shackles. Note that you will raise the car by 1/2 of the additional shackle length. The Eaton 1" longer shackles will raise the rear about 1/2". Also, keep in mind that any deflection occurring at the bushings will be multiplied due to the longer shackle. That said, I suggest replacing at least one bushing pair with polyurethane so to have the lower pair with rubber and the upper pair with PUR.
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