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  1. I would be interested in seeing what you are talking about the 70 going under the fender apron. My guess is that you won't get too much lateral stiffness that way, but definitely longitudinal stiffness. What about reinforcing the current tower braces. They have a near 45 degrees angle so if they were reinforced it should help adding stiffness without the MC cross bar.
  2. Great work and a lot of work. Cant wait until you are done and report driving it. It would probably be a beast. The part i didnt follow well was the tower bracing. Was that just reinforcing the walls of the tower or does it also include a cross bar from tower to tower? Edit: after looking at the pictures again in the computer I see it better that on the phone. What you did was kind of box the opening below the UCA.
  3. Same here. I do get her help when bleeding the brakes as long as the temperature is right and she has internet access and it is not too late and it doesn't take too long and it doesn't smell like oil and it is not in the middle of her TV shows and the mood is right!
  4. Is this a repro or a used one? I may be interested on it if you can't return it. PM me.
  5. Assuming I can figure out the backspacing, which one you think would look better. I like the black/chrome look but my car has silver accents which may match the Silver or Anthracite finish, but it may be too boring. Thoughts? Black/Chrome: Silver: Anthracite:
  6. Same here. It is probably something to do with the browser settings or some type of cookie stuff!
  7. According to my calculations based off my current setup the rear will fit well with 315s. I still need to double check the width of my current wheels. For the front I would need a 1" spacer (bolt-on) for either 245s or 255s. I am definitely not going to rely solely on my theoretical calculation. I have to do a mock up. I like that tool you suggested. I found this thread where he used FR500 wheels as well. It doesn't seem that this member is still active.
  8. I just saw these FR500. They look cool. They are 17x10.5 and 17x9.0. Thoughts? https://lmr.com/item/WK-1007UBB/mustang-fr500-wheel-kit-black-94-04
  9. Great guy sourcing hard-to-find parts and I always get the right part of the right quality.
  10. The problem I face with all these wheels that I like is that the 17s stop at 8 or 9. I can see many of their wheels in their site but they don't sell direct. Where did you get yours?
  11. I saw your earlier post and I really like those wheels. Where did you buy them? I can't seem to find them online. Do you know the backspacing? I hope they have them on 17s, but since they have many spokes, the 18s may not look that bad.
  12. Wow... first of all glad to hear everyone is okay. That was a hell of an impact to create so much damage. Scary that it could happen to anyone. The other car must have been going pretty fast. What car was the other one?
  13. So the backspacing on these is 5.05" which may be too little and the tire may stick out too much :( With a 9.5" wheel I think I need a 5.5" backspacing or +6 mm offset.
  14. Glad you are well. Make sure they change oil and sparks pligs while you are there.

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