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  1. Nice pictures. Which hood is that one?
  2. Hum... it seems that I will need to gamble $500. I will first talk to the shop to see what they say.
  3. I am more curious about any of the ones listed above that have the stock look.
  4. I was thinking today that a fiberglass hood would be a great idea to ditch weight from the front, a lot of weight - guesstimating 70-75lbs. There are interesting options in this thread. Has anyone figured out a set of springs? That shouldn't be that hard. It will be a matter of calculating the spring rate for the new hood. My hood is showing a lot of cracks on the interior edge and one large one on the exterior. I know there is a lot of bondo on the surface and I am afraid it will need repair sooner than later. The fiberglass option is appealing to shed a lot of weight from the front which should help with my AutoX times. My question is, IF I find the right shop, can i expect a good color and graphics match? I would like a hood option with the tunnel ram openings so I can transplant my working tunnel ram from my factory hood to a new fiberglass one. I would also want to keep the hood pins. I would like the same shop to fix my trunk lid since I damaged it earlier this summer when I bumped the spoiler against the garage door. Since they will have to match the trunk lid paint they might as well match the hood.
  5. Ok, since we are all confessing, I must say that when I installed my console I missed half of the floor holes and still some of the screws are just screwed into the carpet. The consoles is tight in place, though.
  6. Can you place the console over the tunnel w/o carpet and mark the holes, then drill the holes, install the carpet, burn the holes through the carpet by placing the console in the same location for which you will have to take reference measurements and then pray that all will align. There could be a slight shift when the console is located with and without carpet so take this into consideration, maybe adding some spacers when fitting the console w/o carpet. If there is a shift it should only be along the width of the car.
  7. Yes. I got mine from him. Give him a call and he will set you up. He uses mainly Molnar and it will be cheaper getting everything from him.
  8. You can place the headers in the engine bay and then install the motor. I did it like that once. I dont see how you could install the motor with the headers on. Maybe some shorties will or without the steering components.
  9. I did some Autocross today. Today was the last race of this year. This is my second year and it was a huge improvement. When I started last year I was at the bottom 5% of the group. The group is of about 100 cars. I started this year at the bottom 25% after the new suspension. Today I was in the top 33%. This is the second race in a row that I beat all the other Mustangs. There are about 5-6 Mustangs from 2000+ and I am running better than them. The Maier suspension with the Michelin PS4 tires are amazing! It is very cool to have a car that can handle all those Gs.
  10. I have Molnar crank and rods and no complains. They can take a lot more power that what I have.
  11. +1 It has happened to me a few times. I just need to rotate the key back a little for the needles to move again.
  12. Exactly. I have done it with a floor jack and leg operation a few times. I have always placed wood blocks around the floor jack and keep my face away in case it slides out. However, if you have a jack with a big flat base, or just make one, and the use of your hands to steady it, it should work.
  13. Now that you mention waterproofing, I forgot to say that I had to apply seam sealer in all the seams to avoid water leakage. Again, this is based on my experience with boat covers and obviously depending if your cover has seams.
  14. Thanks. That's the exactly what I have now, the Trailerite. Unfortunately their quality went down. The first one I owned lasted 5 years with some patching. My current one had to be patched after a year and now after 3 years has tearing all over so I am looking for a new one.
  15. I am very curious about this. You say that the ports now match, how recent did they make this changes?
  16. I have ceramic coated Hooker headers and haven't had an issue with the bolt loosening. May not be related to the coating at all, but tightened the bolts during installation and retightened them afterwards.
  17. I have seen a few Cayote swaps at car shows in earlier Mustang and as you say they involve elimination of the shock towers. There are a few systems out there but I have not seen one for 71-73. I am sure that with some fabrication skills something can be adapted. Heck, this weekend I saw a beautiful 69 with a Kaase 600 in it. Without the shock towers there was plenty of space around it.
  18. Not trying to go off topic but would you remember the brand of the "cheap" boat cover that lasted several years?
  19. Prefer the added power of the headers. Theoretically, the preheater just helps the car warm up faster, but I see it only functional if driven in the cold winter months.
  20. My experience is with boat covers. The good ones will last 3 years and the very good ones about 5+ years if left outside the whole year. That's in Wisconsin. In Cali I expect them to last much less unless under natural shade. For a 21' boat, I budget about $100/year. Meaning that a 3-year one will cost $300+
  21. Back when I did my floors I had to fix some of the rear floor under the rear seat. I ended up getting the 1970 rear floor extensions. They mostly fit. They may need a bit of massaging. Here is a link to my post about it. You may want to read a few of the posts after that one for pictures. Extensions: https://www.cjponyparts.com/rear-floor-extension-driver-side-1966-1970/p/M151L/
  22. Man. That's a lot of good work. You have really mastered how to get those parts better looking than new. There is so much shine underneath your car that you may not want to drive it.
  23. Without you knowing you are being a car importer that test drives his cars for a couple months before selling them.
  24. You are right. That's the engine one. I got confused thinking it was the strut x-member.
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