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  1. Check that all the battery and starter connections are clean. Do you by any chance have a battery switch in the terminal? If so, make sure it is clean.
  2. Got a few interior trim parts from @Doug's 73 Mach1. All of them in great condition. Thank you!
  3. I almost got a ticket. I wanted to time the acceleration with the new tires and got stopped by a trooper. I was in a rural road and I have no idea where he came from. Luckily he didn't clock my speed. Got away with a warning!
  4. Good point. I will go ahead and buy spare bearings just in case. They are cheap and small to carry an extra set around.
  5. We went from wobble to offshore manufacturing. I don't think my issue is related to metallurgy. We will see! Thank you for all your responses.
  6. BTW. If interested I am selling the stock A/C components.
  7. Good points. I will try that. I was reading that for bearing life it is better to err on the side of tighter. It doesn't mean that some end play is terrible. It just means that the bearings will wear faster.
  8. The instructions from the shop manual. In my car, the spindles are the stock ones but the disc hub is from Wilwood.
  9. All is new and I can see the movement at the hub, but not the spindle.
  10. For the front, how much should I be able to "wobble" the tires. I mean grabbing the tire at 12 and 6 o'clock and pushing/pulling alternatively. I can wobble them a "little" but I wonder if there is a spec. It is not the suspension since it is all brand new and I can see that the wobble is coming from the hub. I checked the bearings and they look brand new with no metal chips, pitting or noise when driving. I retightened them following the instructions in the manual and still have the same little wobble. I read that there is some amount that is expected but I am interesting in understanding how much is good/bad. Any ideas? Can you wobble yours?
  11. Are you looking for a comparison on fitment or how cold is it? I had "factory" air before I upgraded to the Classic Auto Air one. The only reason I did it is because I burn the compressor and clogged the evaporator. So since I was going to be removing the box and other stuff I decided it was time to get the new one. Here are my thoughts: Pros of CAA: -Less bulky and lighter compressor. The engine bay opens up a little but definitely not a stock look if that's what you are going for. -No vacuum actuators nor vacuum lines = cleaner install overall Cons if CAA: -No air inlet from the outside. -Look of A/C controls not stock. However, another member in here came up with an idea to change the face of the controls to match our Mustang look. Subjective: -Efficiency???? It makes you think that a newer system should be more efficient. When the compressor kicks in it seems to load the engine a bit less. I think both were about as cold, but I don't live in a very hot area.
  12. Awesome package. Once you have that done you will need new sticky tires. Those tires will be the weak link to get the most out of the suspension.
  13. Thank you. That looks fantastic. I will try the same. Did you do the plastic primer beforehand? EDIT: never mind, I see that it is paint + primer in one
  14. Did you find a paint that work? I am looking into painting a new front spoiler in Argent as well.
  15. I kind of inherited the mudflaps when I bought the car. I have never thought about them since I am used to it. Now you are making me think about it, but from the practical perspective I think they help keep the car cleaner.
  16. You are right Fabrice. I need to find a nice location for a photo.
  17. I may eventually sell the Magnum 500s and tire combo, but not yet.
  18. Good to know. I will keep an eye on my reservoir.
  19. If anyone is curious, the Magnum 500 combo with the 245 and 295 tires weighted 49 and 54 lbs. The new combo weighs 50 and 55 lbs, respectively. Even though the new wheels are aluminum compared to the Magnum 500 steel, the new wheels are much bigger.
  20. I had 17" in my radar screen at first, but I found more options at 18". However, it takes a lot of research to find the right combo. What I wanted was a tire with enough sidewall to look good in the car. I think this combination gives me that. I didn't think a thin sidewall will look good. Unfortunately, there are a very few combinations that you can find of a performance tire, between 26.5" and 27" diameter, and staggered at 245/255 for the front and 295-315 for the rear. In my case I had to compromise with 285 although I could fit wider.
  21. As a feedback. Yesterday I went out for AutoX and these tires are awesome. This is single handily the best money spent for cornering/traction return. After six runs I kept pushing the car more and more and still was not able to reach the traction limit of the tires. I can tell that I can feel a lot more lateral force than before. It is like driving a totally different car. Highly recommended!
  22. I have 5 degrees caster with the Maier's MOD1 suspension that has the asymmetrical UCA. I am also curious on how you can get 6.
  23. Bumped... reducing price to $400 plus shipping or make me an offer! If you don't need the whole thing I may consider parting it out.
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