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  1. Many new cars now don't have spares at all, just an air pump and a can of flat-fix. Or Maybe get one of those temporary spares they put in later model Ford cars. My Mach has the fold-down seat and has a 46 year old never-used blow-up spare. It has even less room in the trunk than the non-fold-down cars. I never tried but it doesn't look like a full size tire will fit thru the trunk opening. Certainly not the wide 255-50-16 tires I have now. My solution: a can of flat-fix and AAA towing.
  2. Tirerack website says 215-75-14 is the largest diameter 14" made. I used to have 215-70-14 on my car and 215-75-14 is only slightly bigger, so fit is no problem on all 4 wheels with lots of room to spare. 80s are usually trailer tires. Coker tire has vintage sizes, but not cheep. Tire sizes are getting very limited and hard to find for 14" because most auto makers put larger wheels on their cars now. If you can, now is a good time to upgrade to a 15 or 16 or even 17" wheel. I upgraded to 16" alloy Magnum 500 with 255-50-16 tires.
  3. Casper, Did you go with the FPAs or the shorty Sandersons on the '73? I've been waiting for someone to try FPAs with a 351c-4v and TKO combo.
  4. What kind of mufflers were on it before going to Flowmasters? Miy Mach1 351-4v has stock manifolds and stock 2.25 pipes. It also had stock style (quiet) mufflers. All I did was swap in some Flowmaster 44s and it felt like it picked up 15hp, very noticable. I have heard the stock 4v manifolds actually flow pretty good, so much so that shorty headers won't make much difference. Not sure but my guess is that the Boss 351 and 351-4v have the same exh manifolds. Long tubes may make a HP diff, but with those I worry about other issues too: fitment, ground clearance, noise, engine bay heat in summer.
  5. Have you actually tried the Sanderson shortys on a 351-4v? Did you notice any more power over the stock 4v manifolds?
  6. I went from an origional (rebuilt) Motorcraft 4300 to an Edelbroch Performer 750 couldn't be happier. It felt like it picked up about 40hp and drivability much improved, so I disagree with the comment about low performance. I was thinking EFI was the answer,,,, until I got the new Edel carb. It's been running great for about 5 years now, no leaks, no rebuilds, no bogging, no starting problems, no fuss on Calif 10% ethanol pump gas.
  7. You can get the carb on the Holley website. The spark plugs, wires and vacuum guage you can most likely get at any large auto parts store in the USA or online at many places including Summit. I don't know any stores in LA, it's far away. I'm in San Jose (closer to San Francisco).
  8. Since you're doing it yourself and you prefer not modify or change the intake, I would just get a new 2 bbl carb like this: http://www.holley.com/0-4412C.asp And you'll probably also want the electric choke kit and Ford kickdown bracket (both shown on that same Holley page). ALOT less expensive and much easier than changing the intake.
  9. Since you have a 2 barrel carb and manifold, you will need to change the manifold if you want a 4 barrel carb.
  10. I went with a new Edelbrock 750 Performer (with vacuum sec). It felt like it gained about 25-40hp, just from seat-of-pants dyno. I do have a 351-4v though with much bigger valves than your 351-2v. I agree, convert to 4 barrel with a new intake. But with stock 2v heads, i think you'll be over-carbed with 750cfm. I'd go Edelbrock 650 Thunder AVS instead. With vacuum secondarys, you'll have less chance of being over-carbed because VS only takes what it needs. The AVS secondarys are adjustable too. I've been running the Edelbrock for about 5 years now on 91 pump gas with no rebuilding, no leaks and very little adjustment. Still runs great, excellent quality product.
  11. Summit has Hurst shifter sticks for $59. They also have the Hurst t-handle and boot. It looks similar to what oem Boss 351 4-speeds came with in 1971. Below is a pict of the Boss 351 shifter: http://www.boss351registry.com/Car-Images-1/ALL_INT_COLORS-Images/Green-Mach1-Sports..jpg I put a black ball handle on mine instead of the t-handle, but the Hurst stick and boot looks the same.
  12. I used the Moderndriveline 71-73 clutch cable kit, it's only $250, works great. (forget about trying to use a 1995 clutch cable). You can also get a new clutch pedal for '71-'73 cars from MD for $160. You can use your existing '73 pedal mount and brake pedal also. The mount is the same for automatic trans or manual. Just carefully trim your brake pedal with a cut-off saw to fit a new smaller brake pad. Use the new pad as a template. You don't need to take off the old mount or brake pedal to instal the new clutch pedal. The rest of the swap should be fairly easy if you going carb. You'll probably need a different length drive shaft. Have it shortened and rebalanced by a professional shop that has proper balancing equipment.
  13. There's a gear/rpm/speed calculator at ring-pinion dot com. You didn't say what speeds you run on the fwy but if you're over 4K rpm, you're either normally running 80mph or you don't have 3.73 gears (maybe 3.92?). If you're normally over 80mph, I would recommend 3.00 gears instead. I have 3.00 in my 71 with a 351c and about the same diameter tire. It still smoked the tires fine (when the c6 was there), but you're only running 2830rpm at 70mph and 3234 at 80. (with 3.25 you'll be 3066rpm at 70 and 3504rpm at 80, still pretty high rpm at 80).
  14. It's pretty much the same car under the hood. Why be so exclusive?
  15. A 71 Boss 429 would be EXTREMELY rare because Ford didn't make a Boss 429 in 71, only in 1970. They did make a 71 Mach1 with a 429 (also rare), but it didn't have the 1970 boss 429 hemi heads. The only boss car in 71 was the Boss 351. The ram-air option could be ordered on any 429, be it coupe, Mach1, convert or Cougar. OMS (an advertizer on this site) has ram-air kits. They could probably get the 429 air cleaner (if it is reproduced for 429. I know they repro the 351.). I would be very suprised if you could find one used at a reasonable price, since an origional ram-air 429 in any Mustang is very rare and collectable. You'll probably have to fabricate it or modify an aftermarket.
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