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  1. I must be the only sucker who loves Vermillion Fire red *shrugs
  2. A little disappointed with it. Yeah, it's a high "parts bin" quality car aimed squarely at performance but I feel there's something a little off about it. Like the 70 stang front. You guys know what I mean.
  3. I've had a 1 wire high amp alterrnator installed as part of my engine bay (hidden wiring) upgrade for 10 years now with no probs at all.
  4. I was in exactly the same boat Mike. The cost of a nice manual from the states was a little bit too much. But that wasn't my main deterrent for me. Because mine's converted to RHD, it would've added a lot more complexity for me to install and set it up myself. I took the easy route and kept it auto. My real regret now is not being able to thrash it around through the gears like I did with the fmx. The AOD is really only good for cruising (OD gear) and burnouts (1st gear). Nothing in between! Let us know what you find. PS, what tranny oil do we use?
  5. Shit Lux, that's not good. I know what you mean about the AOD. I only put it into OD manually. (Which is every chance I get!) I plays up a bit coming down from OD. Dad had a new 80's ford with the same gearbox, and the manual then said to put it in overdrive when on the freeway, not for daily driving. I take it you can't keep it into 2nd gear? (unless you push it back to first?) Prolly not good for the tranny.
  6. I might order that also with the door data tag. I know there's nothing there because the whole front end was dismantled, including every bolt, to be cleaned and painted when I did the big engine bay/engine upgrade. (I remember taking something like a buck tag off the tranny, but it was an fmx, so not original anyway.) Ta. Jim
  7. Guys, I got my standard marti yonks ago, but I've always had no door data tag. I'm going to order one from marti. (My car is a different colour from birth, so I blame the PO). Is there any other "metal" tags anywhere on a 71 Mach1? (other than the vin of course) eg: none of the cowl? (I hope not! When I did the engine bay/cowl back to metal, I found no suspicious holes?) catch Jim
  8. Thanks guys... Yes the forum IS very different! Let's not get too modern, we might all end up wearing 20" low profile wheels soon! lol Brett, I haven't seen him. I've only just retired to sunny Hervey bay. Joined the Conrodders Hot rod and Customs. A lovely bunch of old farts like me! lol (41 members) To my surprise another member also has a 71. Grabber green LHD, (1F02H). But it does have a shaker and the honeycomb panel on the back. What I've done to mine in the last little while. New CHI heads (stage 1, any higher and the spring pressures will wear out the hyd cam). Huge improvement in power! Over 50hp easy... Got the 7/16 stud version heads for the Comp Cams Ultra pro magnum stainless roller rockers. hardended guides, pushies, etc) These rockers, being stainless didn't need to be chunky like the aluminium ones, therefore fit under the original valve covers. To answer Lux's q, I'm so glad I got the AOD. (Kevlar clutches). Everything is freeway here, so about 2000 revs is all I need. (Running Strange 3.5 rear diff gears -very quiet compared to Motive) All that was needed was a shortened tailshaft and modified tranny cross member. (plus lokar linkage to tranny and holley) Also using a dakota digital gear position thingy for my custom console gear indicators. Anyone done anything weird and wonderful to theirs! (I want some new ideas now that I'm retired with plenty of time on my hands!) cheers for now. Jim
  9. Hi guys... It's been a Looooong time since I've logged on. I'm here again now and hope to participate regularly. I've got time now that I'm not working and I'd love to get back into the stang talk. Just ordered some new custom plates and are about to join a new car club here. (have just shifted from Melbourne to Qld) I've done a bit on the old girl since last being here. The AOD is a beautiful relief!, the CHI heads add quite a wallop, together with the new comp cams pro magnum ultra xd roller rockers. Nearly forgot, with the AOD upgrade, I also swapped the diff gears from Motive 3.25 to Strange 3.5... catch soo... Jim
  10. Matey, I bought a 2 way breather (Newton brand, very good) and got rid of the return lines. https://www.newton-equipment.com/tank-vent-valves-tank-mount-valves.html It sucks air in when the tank has a vacuum due to using up fuel and blows out on a hot day. Different pressures for either way. Set and forget.
  11. very happy with the 10.5 comp. I'm leaning towards the 67cc now .ta. I can get the AFD heads for $400 cheaper than the chi. One thing that confuses me is the Aussie website state that the ports have been raised but the US distributor says they will bolt straight on? For those with the AFD heads, were they a straight bolt on to your existing exhaust/inlet manifold/headers? Does the CI (complete) package come with one piece stainless valves? Thanks guys... Jim
  12. pistons are flat top hypers? I dread that the new hi comp heads will hit the valves to the pistons but if the current heads aren't doing it with the current setup, why should they? Also love to hear from anyone who's gone to a different rocker ratio than stock. (and why)
  13. Hi to all new and old alike. The old horse has been behaving itself. Not that I drive it much. I'm enjoying it a lot more since I put in an AOD. I'm in Sunbury, Vic so getting anywhere from my town requires freeways. Guys, the time has come to get rid of the boat anchors, aka, 2v open heads. (the car is an Mcode but somewhere along the line the PO swapped it out for a 351 2V/FMX) Looking at chi 2V heads and roller rockers. Need to hear from guys with alloy heads. What comp are you getting. chi has them in 60cc and 67cc. cam is https://www.enginemaster.com.au/crane-cams-hydraulic-camshaft-226-230-.050-cr52442 I hope to stick around a bit more these days... I'm getting itchy fingers again.
  14. Hi matey... I was determined I wanted a pertronix111 so I made it fit! The filter was one from OMS so no issues cutting, migging and painting the hole bigger! Looks like a bought one! lol. Hasn't missed a beat.
  15. Hi OP. Haven't posted in a while. I'm in Sunbury if you ever need to check mine out... Done a full custom rewire. There's tutorials here somewhere! Anyway, if you want to check out another converted 71 mach1, let me know, I'll pm you my email address and we can arrange something... catch... Jim
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