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  1. doors need alignment no AC or Heat no headliner seats need reupholstering need parking brake cable (probably get this soon since its an ez fix...everything is in place except cable from foot brake) have blower box and other miscellaneous parts blinkers work horn works hazard work lights work -1971 classic mustang coupe 302 - rebuilt by Mission auto parts/machine shop hypereutectic pistons, cam (block and heads original to car) 9 inch rearend w 3.55 gears C4 auto - 2400 stall, Hi perf servo, trans kit B&M shifter Long tube headers new rear leaf springs new upper and lower front control arms dynamat new carpet new dash Pertronix distributor and flamethrower coil some chrome items: alternator brackets, shock tower brace, power steering brackets have ton of parts to go with it.
  2. $8000.00 for 71-73 mustangers. https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/d/1971-mustang/6603336295.html Still needs some work.
  3. Selling my 71 coupe. $9000.00 OBO located in San Antonio, Tx.
  4. 1971 coupe for sale. https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/d/1971-mustang/6339041538.html
  5. here is what your car is worth...just to compare... http://austin.craigslist.org/cto/5431010206.html
  6. if someone offered me $12k cash for my car....SOLD!
  7. bought mine for $600 not nearly as bad as that one. Mine was at least running.
  8. Got a pic of the carb? Condition? When was the last time it was run? Does it still have the AT Kickdown? here are pics of carb
  9. Got a pic of the carb? Condition? When was the last time it was run? Does it still have the AT Kickdown? I will get pics tonight. was run about 6 to 8 months ago. will probably need to be cleaned out. I don't think I have the AT kickdown.
  10. I got a street avenger Avenger carb 600 or 650 - electric choke, vacuum secondary make me an offer http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/pts/5134092141.html
  11. Can you please send pics of rear tires on car. Like to see what that looks like. I'm in the same boat..have 245 / 18 in rears and want bigger..thinking 305 I'm running 245/45/18, 18x8 frt.and 285/40/18, 18x9 rear. There is plenty of room to go larger in the rear. Overall tire dia is 27.1.
  12. quick update....newly rebuilt transmission is in! found out that I had a tranny from a truck with column shift - turns out the shift lever is all whacked! the new shift rods I bought..didn't work. So ended up with B&M shifter. will be posting pics soon. also, finally got to drive it around the block! ahhhh felt great to hear the small block rumble!!! quick note: getting use to this B&M star shifter...little weird...but, so cool to just jam up the shifter from 1 to 2 to drive without worrying I'm going to miss a gear!
  13. Need a little help here. So, I bought the following: 1971-73 Mustang Shifter Rod - 302-2v w/C4 - D1ZA-7340-CA Item# 161530196977 1971-73 Mustang Lock-Out Rod - 302-2v w/C4 - D1ZA-7E330-CA Item# 160912721042 I have installed a C4 (replaced fmx) but now its seems like the linkages are to short. has anyone run into this? please see pics...sorry...not the best pics..but the best I can do. looks like the shifter linkage is too short and doesn't reach the new linkage. Do I need to buy a B&M shifter or something? Please help.....
  14. update: haven't done anything...been raining. need a good .sunny weekend to drop the motor back in. Yep, the car is outside all covered up....wish had a big enough garage to put the car and do work.
  15. keep up the work!!! I haven't done anything to my car...been raining...then more rain...then more rain.
  16. love to meet up...but my stang is down! - as you may or may not know....tranny crapped out on me. Guess I can drive my "altima" and meet up w you..but what fun is that!? hahaha....
  17. Just wondering where you guys go to get parts... I've gotten parts from Ohio mustang, Laurel mountain mustang and dallas mustang http://www.ohiomustang.com/ http://www.laurelmountainmustang.com/ https://www.dallasmustang.com/ Dallas mustang use to have really good prices, but lately they have gone up. I called and told them that laurel mustang had lower price and if they could match. They said no - go to laurel mountain. Wow!
  18. update..... headers painted and installed. Just waiting for my new transmission lines.
  19. update.... since motor is out....went ahead and touch up the headers. ceramic coated...got some rust! Really!!! oh well...nothing a lil rattle can high temp paint can't fix. here is a pic of one of headers that I did and one that needs touching up. just waiting on my trans cross member from Don at Ohio...then its all going back in!
  20. here is an update.... put the trans in, but noticed my motor mounts cracked. So went ahead and pulled the whole motor out. oh well...all fun!
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