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  1. Yeah there was a few goodies inside the car. I think the ram air set up is a reproduction though but better then nothing. This car is third in line for a restoration so it'll be a while before i get to it. Question to the forum.. How clued up are the non Australian members on our Australian Muscle Cars?
  2. Thanks guys, heres a few more pics of what I got with the car.
  3. Hi all, Thought id start a blog on my car. probably a little while away before I will make a start on it. I've never attempted a restoration on a car in the poor condition as my car is but always wanted to learn how to do the more difficult tasks in car restoration eg welding, bodywork etc. Here's a pic of the car and purchase receipt.
  4. Thanks all. front fenders i think you guys call them. there repro stuff i can get from over there but it would be nice to get a second hand pair here for a bit cheaper hopefully.
  5. Im a Torana guy so im completely green when it comes to Mustangs. Ive got a hatch which i'll be putting on the market to feed into this hungry monster. :-) Is a 72 Mach 1 in this conditon worth something here in OZ? (Complete roller less motor box and front guards with Some floor, lower quarter and one side of firewall) I'd like to hope its worth 5k but i might be wrong. How much would it set you back approx in the US to buy something like this? Cheers,
  6. no im learning from scratch. is a 351 CJ a 4v 351? I assume the motor will have date and engine no codes to determine what model it originally came out of. Also the marti guys have the original purchase receipt and they are sending it accross to me in the coming weeks.
  7. wow thank you all for the welcome. sounds good kole :-) she needs a fair bit of work though! I do! its hard but not impossible to find stuff here. theres a cj motor for sale running for 1800us its out of a cougar. but im not fussed if Its a cj or not. budget is my priority. ive got a mate who upgraded is f100 motor and the old motor was fine. prob 2 or 3 cases of beer will get the deal done. "-)
  8. Thanks Guys, Im about an hour away from you Brett. (Macedon Ranges off the calder). wanna swap cars? :-) If there are any Aussies with a pair of guards for me that would be great. second hand repairable ones are my preference.
  9. Hi All, Bought my first mustang a few weeks back. Its a project car. its a 72 Q Code Cobra Jet Mach 1 Mustang. Bright Red w white trim. Unfortunately the CJ motor and box are missing and the usual floor, lower quarter tail light and 1 side of the firewall rust issues. It did come with the ram air air cleaner assembly. I ordered the deluxe marti report and it has the 3:25 lsd diff 4sp Manual air con. and was built in dearborn. on a learning curve so please bear with me.
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