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  1. I believe it was there on all small blocks to provide heat faster to the choke.. I don't know about the big block engines. Here is my 73 351C.
  2. In 73 they were all 14 x6, but there were different bore sizes, since these rim were also on other models, such Mavericks. In 74 they made a similar slot but in 13 inch and with four lug the Mustang II. I experimented with using a 1970s style Ansen sprint aluminum slot wheel with the 73 aluminum wheel center cap and painting the black stripe on it. Ansens Sprints were available in 14 and 15 inch and in various widths 6, 7, 8... You need to drill the center cap mounting holes, paint the black stripe and use the Ansen lug nuts and washer. They looked very stock like. I only had a set o
  3. I assume you have a 4spd and not a 3spd manual or auto. I went with 3.50 gears with an Eaton Limited slip on my 73 351C with a C6 Auto (3spd), 27 inch tires, and a Edelbrock Performer intake and a 4300A 600 cfm big bock square bore, otherwise stock. I liked the response off the line, but the gears were not great for highway driving. I was running about 3,200 rpm at 65 mph. So I decided to swap the 3.50 for 3.00, and as you would expect it is much better on the highway (about 2,600 at 65 mph), but off the line not too great. In my opinion, with a 4spd you have more latitude and 3.50s may b
  4. Here is my 351C 2v with A/C. The harness runs down the drivers side. I don't see the electric choke wire with the square plug on your harness or the plug for the carb curb idle solenoid. The last picture shows the single white female plug for the PRDL light (if I recall correctly) which runs down the firewall and down the trans tunnel. I think your white male plug in your picture is incorrectly part of engine harness.
  5. a friend of mine has a holley sniper efi on his 71 Mach with a Cleveland 4v. I believe he has a Weiland single plain intake with the stock ram air cleaner assembly and it fits perfectly.
  6. I just purchased deluxe vermilion interior seats for my 70 Mach 1 from TMI after getting a few samples from them. I have gotten them yet, but I liked what I have seen of others who have installed interior from TMI.
  7. I have been looking at buying a Ford 1G Tuff Stuff Performance High-Amp Output Factory Cast-Plus Alternator, 140 amp, V-Belt, Natural As Cast, Hybrid Case 7078NJ. I prefer the stock look, but it also comes in chrome and black. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tff-7078nj
  8. Hello Mark, We are practically neighbors! I am from Middletown, DE. Welcome! I have a 73 Convertible. I am sure the forum and its very knowledgeable members will be a valuable resource for you as it has been for me. You have a beautiful car. I would also recommend joining the local club... https://www.firststatemustangandford.com/ we are also on Facebook. It's a active club (when Covid-19 permits) with lots of Mustang lover's. PM me if I can be of any help. I hope to meet you and your car at one of the local shows... Rich
  9. Best medicine to help you forget when you are feeling a loss is to get another one to replace it. It always worked for me with cars, pets, and girlfriends..well...back in the day on the latter.
  10. I couldn't agree more with you. Unfortunately, we and by that I mean many of our brethren Mustang lovers perpetuate the perception that 71-73 cars are bloated.... For example, I submitted to MCA pictures and the article of my car some years back and the MCA Times staff provided the title.... Ya think the folks at MCA would know better.
  11. Thanks. I hear that. This will be my last project. My wife has other plans for my time and funds once this car is done.
  12. I had posted how to make a tool that is easy and safe to adjust the torsio bar. I am reposting it... I made a tool to adjust the trunk torsion rods on my convertible. It works really well, feels locked in place and does not slip off. I have adjusted the rod up and down on the first and second notches, but not up to the third notch. That would be a lot of torque on the rod. It should work on coupes as well since the rod and trunk are setup the same way as a convertible, but I doubt it will work on a fa
  13. I once found ones for the original Ford dealer who sold my car. I also have the original dealer invoice.
  14. Well okay. Here it is.... Don't mind the blue masking tape squares here and there. Those are minor defects in the clear coat... I mark them as I find them. I painted the trim & taillight bezels black and outlined them with calypso coral. Also, eliminated the front side markers in the fenders (personally I felt they ruined the look of the front lines). I moved them down to the valence like on a 1969. I installed power windows and motorized the side view mirrors. Put the window and mirror controls in the center console and had TMI eliminate the holes in the new door panels. Added power
  15. Congratulations! Looks fantastic!. I love Calypso Coral. I am working on a Calypso Coral March 1. Had it painted a few months ago. I would post a picture of it, but its the wrong year for this forum....it's a 70 Mach with Vermilion interior. Good luck with completing the restoration.

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