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  1. Thanks guys, I've always appreciated y'all. Will definitely pop in from time to time.
  2. Well I have some good news and bad news. First, the good news: a new member may be joining the forum! Good kid in Albuquerque, huge fan of 71-73 Mustangs. I encouraged him to join, told him there are lots of good, knowledgeable guys on here. I know you won't let me down. :D Now the bad news: He may be joining the forum because he bought my Stang. I agonized over the decision, but in the end other things kept coming up that demanded my time and money so I wasn't able to devote the time to her that was necessary. I'll still try to drop by from time to time and see how everyone is doing (and where else can I get a Mustang Babe fix???). Thanks for all the help and encouragement you guys gave me over the years!
  3. Boss1Ray messaged me about the build sheet spreadsheet that I was working on...if anyone has found their build sheets, I'd love to add the info into the spreadsheet. PM me if you have found it and are interested in sharing the info. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Tim. It was a long time coming.
  5. Thanks Scott, my wife doesn't agree. Haha
  6. Thanks Don! It's been too long. Anyone need a toilet cleaned in the VIP room?
  7. For a time I got depressed every time I looked at it! Sadly, though, I'm going to put it up for sale soon. Too many projects and I can't enjoy it enough. However, the good news is I'm going to try to get it back into my dad's hands, hopefully that works out.
  8. Thanks Mike. I browsed around a bit. Lots of new members on here, and you got a promotion! :D
  9. Thanks Mike! Yeah I got burned out on it for like 2 years.
  10. It's been a long time since I've been on here, fellas. Hope everyone is well. I can't say my car is "finished"...they are never finished. However it's driveable in the rain so I suppose it's finished enough. I've been driving the snot out of it. Here are some pictures of the almost-finished car. However, the more things change the more they stay the same. My wife still hates it. lollerz
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