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    73 fastback's with 302. Cut out and welded in new rear quarters, rebuilt rear end and put in a T-5 transmission. Just finished putting Modern Driveline hydraulic clutch. New interior and body in primer. 5 years into build so far.


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    Wyoming, uSQ

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  1. I wound up using the Hooker headers and flowmaster pipes due to clutch clearance. Then installed hydraulic clutch. That worked out well.
  2. Just stating done with paint going resto mod
  3. Wasnwantingnan69;or 70 but they were out of mynbudget. Found a 73 and decided it might be a good practicencar since I have not really done a big rebuildnin years. Six years later have welded in all new floor panels and rear quarters. T-5 granny. New interior. Gas tank.....finally got it on the road. Eventually ky son who is an Mirage.vet will get it. I have a high performance 302;in it and it is just a monster to drive. I lovenit and so doesnmy son. It is in primer now and will eventually he bullet green.
  4. If I cover shipping...No. If you cover shipping...Yes. Any idea what it would be to 82007
  5. Do u have any rear seat belts? I don't need the retractable portion. And headlight buckets for a 73. Zip is 82007. Let me know cost.
  6. How bout$20 for headlight buckets and same for gas cap? Do u have rear seat belts. I do not need retractable portion, only stationary part. Did u get console sold?
  7. What price for hood? Shipping? Have you rear seat belts? Rom.reedy@charter.net
  8. I will take the headlight buckets, rear tail light's and three marker light Hegel's. Prefer tonpay by check. Let.me know total plus shipping.
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