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  1. It's been a while but I finally got it. Home Depot of all places had a sale I could not pass on. While the 7k lb ver might be overkill now I am interested in a truck some day. Here's a picture with wife's car, I'm gonna put the block at the torque boxes and make the block for the arms.
  2. Been away for a while, new site looks great and yes, BIG FAN OF DARK MODE!!
  3. I just picked up the 73 wiring book. I see the circuit that your referring to, connector C-414 on page #4. This time when I tested the circuit I used a test bulb rather than than a meter to read the wire. When I turned the key on the test light lit and the buzzer, for the first time in years, went off. Not the place to pick up switched batt for the Pertronix. Time to run some wire. Thanks for your help.
  4. Are those blocks, put between the control arm and the frame to prevent full extension when hanging free? Similar to this (found at Autorestomod.com)
  5. Wow, step away for two months and we got quite the two post vs four post debate going on here I don't have the height nor will I, and that's why I'm looking at the Quickjack like in the brochure I added. They seem to want to use grooved rubber blocks on the pinch weld along the rockers, or I could use blocks at the torque boxes as has been suggested by some(probably the way I'll go). Thanks for the many replies.
  6. Thanks midlife. That connector is under the hood, what's the seat belt reminder hooking up to out there? I tried looking on the shop man but the CD looks like a 10th gen copy, hard to see detail.
  7. Hi all, ( hope I’m in the right place) I’m hoping someone can help me identify what this connector is for. This is on my 73 vert 302 base model. I’ve installed a Pertronix and was looking for switched hot with no dropout on crank, this fits the bill but I would like to know what option it’s for that I don’t have. The green is ignition hot and the brn or red with white trace is at ground. It appears to be bundled in the cable passing through the firewall between the fender and the booster. Thanks for any and all help. (First mobile post, don’t know why they rotated🤔
  8. Hi all, I'm looking at the two piece lift from Quickjack or Bendpac (same I think). When ordering you can spec solid lift blocks that I could use at the torque boxes or slotted blocks to be used on the rocker pinch weld. Given the choice, what's the preferred lifting point? BTW This is for a 73 vert, I always lift with doors closed and top up. Stiff as I can keep her. I'm leaning towards solid blocks on the torque boxes but I would like some experienced thoughts on this. Thanks
  9. So after pokin around the net I can find NO info on this bphimheo.com. And when I put the elbow in the cart and get a shipping quote of $25 + $15 for the part + unknown seller.... I'll be hittin ebay since the car runs well with the current vacuum setup and I'd like to keep the vac sw in the mix. Thank you all again for your input.
  10. Thanks for the info and the links secluff (putting P/Ns in book), this was my grandmothers 50k original 73 vert so nobody has messed with it. I had found that ebay listing, but lost it. I never saw bphimheo before, too good to be tru? :angel: I will let all know if I try them.
  11. Has anyone been able to find these ( it lives to the left of the dizzy) Repro, NOS, used? I can't find one, had a hole in it, JB'ed it and pushed the hose on further. Thanks in advance.
  12. This is how I did mine. I didn't want to cut into my new center bezel so i mounted the gauges behind it, no cutting. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-center-gauges?highlight=Center+gauges Nice job. Thanks for posting the link, that's going to help me alot when I get to ordering the panel.
  13. Those Classic Instruments look nice, Moal Bomber right? Did you get the whole set or can you buy them individually? And is that a ACP panel? looks good. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hey all, I am looking to add gauges to my 73 vert, with a 302, so I started looking at the center dash trim panel/bezel with gauge holes from ACP. I am curious about the fit and finish and if anyone else has successfully added gauges with that panel? If so, anything to look out for? Did it go smoothly? Any input would be greatly appreciated. BTW, these are the gauges I picked up, of course I added green LEDs as the incandescents were too dim. These and a set from BOSCH were the only gauges I could find that sweep the bottom of the dial similar to the stock gauge, fairly accurate too.
  15. Thanks, I pulled the trigger and got the U.S. Radiator, L6/302 size with 4 rows from Classic Ind. $407 total. Now I don't need a new shroud ::thumb::
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