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  1. Yeah ill have to get some pictures this weekend provided the snow melts!
  2. Ideally I would be able to get 30mpg on the highway, run 11s in the quarter, and pull 2g on the skid-pad (I know I know, i dont want much do I). I would like to be able to go distance driving with a trans-am or road racing inspired theme. I hate to use the term but I like the "pro-touring" approach of maximizing all around performance. I want to drive the car as much as possible and have air-conditioning, a stereo, and power-steering. Other details i left out are, whatever motor i go with it is getting fuel injection (via megasquirt, the 5.0L has the complete factory setup intact). Transmission choices are a 03 v6 (small block pattern) 4r70w, the fmx (small block pattern) that is in it, and a big block pattern c6. I would like a manual transmission but it is not an option at this time. Thank you all for the warm welcome
  3. Hello fellow mustang owners. Before i start I would like to say that in the 80's and 90's our cars were the most disrespected of all mustangs. I say that only because mustang 2's were not even acknowledged....like if our cars were the black sheep the 74-78's were outright disowned. Things are different now. The third gen mustangs (or are they still first gen?) are appearing everywhere in movies and video games, and people are discovering that if you cant afford to shell out fifty thousand dollars but still want an honest to goodness muscle car era mustang you can still get one. My car is a 1973 Mach 1, 351c 2v, fmx trans, factory air, Mustang that was originally Ivy glo with avocado interior. In 1986 the previous owner started on on some misguided bodywork, and replaced the interior. He also put some "brand new" (his words when i bought it despite them being pitted with all the chrome flaking off)Cragar S/S rims with fresh tires on it. There it sat till i picked it up in 2006. Dry rotted tires and yellow interior. No trunk pan to speak of. Yellow primer, and hole cut in the console with a utility knife to mount a trak auto horn button. None the less i have a fastback v8 mustang, and if there was any doubt that this car was mine i found a set of temp tags in the glove box that expired on the very day i was born in 1980. Being a man of vision(or perhaps a hoarding problem), before i even knew of my car I accumulated 10 years worth of ford parts, and as such i have trouble deciding which direction i want to go with this. I have no less than 4 choices of engines to slam in the engine bay that could be in and fired up in a week or two. (5.0L gt40p engine, the 351c thats in it, a 71 400 from a LTD, or a 429 also from a 71 LTD) That is what brings me here. Hopefully with the help of like minded folks I can make up my mind for once. The main issues at hand though are it needs a whole new interior, a new trunk and anything that is rubber needs replacing, other than that its actually quite complete. So once again hello and i look forward to getting to know some new people.
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