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  1. Help. I began to replace the front shocks on my '73 convertible. But I can't figure out how to get to the inner bolt on the bottom of the shock. Any suggestions? I was hoping to have this done by this afternoon...nothing ever goes as planned! Thanks
  2. Well...at least it's new to me. I recently purchased a 1973, Light Gold convertible with 35k original miles. The first car I learned to drive was my mom's 1972 Mustang Grande so this brings back memories. In fact, I have the original dealer invoice for the convertible and it was sold at the same dealership (Sherwood Ford, MD) as the 1972! What are the odds of that. I'm having lots of fun with the car this summer but want to start doing some work on it. Not sure if I want to restore it to show condition or modify it to make it more fun as a regularly driven car. Looking forward to getting advice from everyone.
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