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  1. “It's a long shot but almost sounds like your car is a Shelby Europa. Need to order the Marti Report from Marti Auto Works. Pics would help a lot too. Ray“ There is only 1 Shelby Europa with a 429, it’s a fastback not a convertible.
  2. Good write up Rauno! Perhaps you could post some nice pics of your cars, you have the best pictures of these rare cars as yours are the closest to original at this moment.
  3. Wow, glad someone saved this! Is there anything in these books for 70-71 Shelby for the Cleveland engine’s?
  4. OMG, I hope they will recover soon. I was in a Vette with a friend of mine after changing the carb to a larger one and exactly the same thing happened. It was the seal between the air cleaner and carb that sucked into the carb (we testdrove without air cleaner) and made the butterfly's stay open. Another possibility might be the floor mat, it took me a while to find that out on my fathers 05 Stang. He also had a stuck throttle every now and then. After "fixing" the floor mat to the floor it never hapened again.
  5. Hey, Dutchie nr five :-) Where in the South are you? Omgeving Breda
  6. Welcome from Roosendaal, the Netherlands.
  7. Thats correct, there is very little info, even less then on the European Shelby's available. As far as I know the Mexican Shelby's were optical upgrades only while the European version had engine and some other mechanical upgrades.
  8. Some of the vins are consecutive. Mine is the last one build as far as I know. The difference between the 350 and 500 is the engine. The 350's all have the 351C with shelby intake and valve covers. The 500 could be with the 429 or 351C Special. The special means 780 carburator and special camshaft. Claude told me he build one car, possibly two with this special engine.
  9. These are the photos of my old fenders hanging on the wall. The car shown here is the other Shelby Europa in the Netherlands. This is a manual while mine is an auto.
  10. I have seen two, one of them is sitting in my garage. :cool: They were only build in 1971 and Claude build 7 sportroofs and 2 convertibles. I have the sportsroof with the special GT500 engine, this is an one of one car. This has been confirmed by Claude to me when I spoke with him many years ago. There is supposed to be 1 car made with the 429CJ engine but that has not been found yet. I have lots of info on these cars, I also have a copy of the "sales" brochure or something that looks like it. I purchased it together with a set of NOS stripes and Shelby emblems from the guy that purchased all the left overs from Claude. My car is still not changed from how I bought it, a very rusty car but with all Shelby Europa specific parts and numbers matching drivetrain. The other owner from the sportsroof in the Netherlands purchased my original fenders but does not want to sell them to me (yet) :chin: The fenders still wear the original stripes and damage, I have the front valley that continues the damage so that's why I'm sure these fenders belong to my car. Edwin
  11. Still works for me, try google for "video maan ride it". Maybe you are lucky to find it.
  12. Dutch singer uses a nice 71 or 72 vert in her latest video clip. It's a power window car too. You can see it after about 2min if you don't like to hear the song.
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