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  1. I restored and sprayed a 71 Mach 1 in Wimbledon White/clear coat a few years ago. Perhaps these pics can help you gauge if you are on target with your mix of paint.
  2. Welcome from another member of the Commonwealth, currently displaced elsewhere.
  3. With those goodies, sounds like that R Code was a fast mover.
  4. Do you know where your old R Code is today? or what kind of shape it's in? I restored a Grabber Blue, 1972 R Code some years ago (pictured) and thought it was the fastest car I'd ever driven---until I finished a J Code, 429 SCJ with the Drag Pack, Detroit Locker 4.11 gear. Didn't take long to change my mind.
  5. Thank you for responding to my query. I am interested in the chin spoiler. Of, course, the cost of shipping such a large item may be a deterrent. But, nevertheless, please go ahead and obtain a quote. Thank you. Happy New Year to you and yours. Tim, St. Petersburg, FL 33713-1122
  6. Thanks for the inquiry. I try to drive it every 10 days-2 weeks. Fortunately, we can purchase Sunoco 100 octane fuel nearby. I do add fuel stabilizer to each tank. Attached are some pictures, including when my Bossd was brand new in 12/70. Notice no front spoiler and vintage Bronco in thwe background





  7. Thank you for posting. Love to see some pics of your Boss. Do you get to drive it often? And what fuel do you use for the high compression motor?
  8. Looking for a good chin spoiler for a 71 Mach 1. Used or new.
  9. Great looking work, Mike. It seems just a few months ago that I was doing the exact same work in my 71 Grabber Blue. But I made the mistake of installing the rear window prior to installing the headliner. Man, that was a huge mistake. Yours looks great. Thank you for posting.
  10. A warm welcome to a fellow Canadian still living in the home country. Your 71 SCJ looks sharp, a very rare and desirable Mach 1 (I also own a 429 SCJ), with lots of fun in store for you. What are your plans for it?
  11. Everyone out there who has transformed a trashy engine bay into a showroom look can appreciate the work you invested in your green machine. Something to be proud of. Looks swell. All the best for the future sections.
  12. My 1971 Mach 1, 429 SCJ, was assembled at the Dearborn plant on 12/11/70, sold on May 14, 1971 in Conover, North Carolina. But the original owner was killed in 1975. So, the Mustang was put in storage and sat unmolested until 1990. It was then completely disassembled (down to a bare shell) and remained that way until 2015 when I purchased it. Took 5 years to rebuild, restore, and reassemble. Finally, in 2020, after 44 years, it's back on the road again where it belongs.
  13. Of all the adhesives for affixing the rear view mirror, the longest lasting one for me is the "kit" produced by Permatex and sold at NAPA.
  14. Mike: I remember your picture (of the Grabber Blue) from some years ago when I was looking around for 71 429 to restore. I also remember the picture you sent of the Grabber Lime 429 Mach when it was just sitting around, waiting for your hand of restoration. You've done a remarkable job. I found mine completely disassembled, just the shell, with all the parts, motor, tranny, etc., sitting in a basement. The Mach had been off the road since 1975.
  15. The dipstick for my PS Steering pump (429 SCJ) indicates that I am to only use automatic transmission fluid (Type F) in it. Does it really make a difference if one uses reputable brand of power steering fluid or transmission fluid in the pump?
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