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  1. Mike: I remember your picture (of the Grabber Blue) from some years ago when I was looking around for 71 429 to restore. I also remember the picture you sent of the Grabber Lime 429 Mach when it was just sitting around, waiting for your hand of restoration. You've done a remarkable job. I found mine completely disassembled, just the shell, with all the parts, motor, tranny, etc., sitting in a basement. The Mach had been off the road since 1975.
  2. The dipstick for my PS Steering pump (429 SCJ) indicates that I am to only use automatic transmission fluid (Type F) in it. Does it really make a difference if one uses reputable brand of power steering fluid or transmission fluid in the pump?
  3. It does look sharp. Congrats. Not often you see Coral on a 71 Mach. Best wishes on finishing up.
  4. Thank you for posting, Mike. Very nice work. And Grabber Lime, too. The best color in 71!!! Look forward to seeing it finished!
  5. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing the condensed version of your story. Not too many can say they've owned their Mustangs since 1975. I'm sure there's more than a few here who weren't even born in 1975. My own 1971 Mach 1 was parked and off the road from 1975 to 2019.
  6. For the rebuild of my 429 SCJ, I ordered a specially made camshaft by CAM Research in Englewood, Colorado. The cam was specially cut just for my motor. That involves valve adjustment, gross valve lift, advertised duration, duration, valve timing. Perfect for my motor. Give them a call and see if they might be able to help you get exactly what you need for your motor. 303-762-0022
  7. For my rebuilt 429 SCJ, I use Valvoline Racing Oil, not simply because of its high zinc content, but because its so available at most local auto supply stores. Auto Zone, Advance, etc. Anywhere from $30--40.00.
  8. The power steering pump on my 429 SCJ--the original factory pump--is finally starting to whine and complain. So, its time to change it out and replace it. So, anyone know of a good source for these pumps. Thank you.
  9. Obtaining a 429 CJ or SCJ is always a valuable acquisition, regardless of condition. From the looks of the way things are going these days, the value of these motors are increasing and the interest in them is congruent with increasing value. When I rebuilt my 429 SCJ, I used the best possible parts: new pistons, .040 over, Cam Research camshaft, new solid lifters, hardened push rods, new springs, valve guides and associated valve train parts. Everything else was standard Cobra Jet parts. Upon completion, the motor has retained its value and is likely operating at a higher performance
  10. Welcome to the forum. Well done on securing a 72 R Code. I restored a Grabber Blue 72 R Code some years ago (and sold it after a time to a guy in Northern Alberta). My favorite thing was the sweet sound of the solid lifters going at it. Best wishes on the restoration.
  11. Welcome to this pony corral. It will be a great source of assistance to you. Great hearing that you inherited the car from your father. All in the family. And Very nice looking 72 Mach 1!!! What part of Alberta you from? Our two oldest sons were born at Foothills Hospital in Calgary.
  12. A friend of mine in northern Alberta asked me to find and restore a rare 1972 Mustang. So, I searched and found this 1972 R Code Mach 1 in Grabber Blue. Originally came from PA (so I added a PA license plate to the front). Only 366 R Codes were made in 1972; so that means the '72 R Codes (in Coupes, Fastbacks, or Mach 1's) are the rarest (and least known) Mustangs ever. They are almost identical to the 1971 Boss 351's, except for the name and hood-paint, open-chambered heads instead of the closed chamber heads in the 71. They also can run on pump gas. No A/C allowed (the 3.91
  13. Just to confirm the idea of installing a Blue Thunder Intake. I replaced the original cast iron intake on my 1971 429 SCJ with a Blue Thunder intake. See pix. Have had no issues and definitely improves performance. The Blue Thunder intake is taller than the original, so you must make doubly sure there is enough clearance between your air cleaner and the underside of the hood. Otherwise, you'll end up with a dent in the hood.
  14. My father served in the Royal Canadian Army under British FM B.L. Montgomery. Canada was well installed in the Commonwealth in those days. He started out in Farnborough, south of London, getting prepared for the big day. From there soldiered in France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. He came home to Ontario in 1946, still alive and well--to a grateful family and fiance, my mum. Those were defining years for the nation. Grateful to the Lord he survived, but so many young bucks never returned. Sincere sympathies to families, spouses, and children who never had a chance to

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