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  1. When I put together my 1971 Mach 1, 429 SCJ, I used a Holley 750 CFM rather than the factory original Holley 780--could not find one. 

    Has anyone with a 429 SCJ had success (consistency, dependable, long-lasting) with any other carb, one equal to the Holley 780? 


    Mach 1 1971 429 SCJ.jpg

  2. 3 hours ago, timachone said:

    Same here... :lollerz: 

    Today's kids don't know that option necessarily! The most interesting thing will be that I will add the quarter roll down windows with handles! 

    Can't see your pictures though...

    Tried many times uploading the video of my ride with the the kids, but each time I tried to insert it into the post, nothing happened. After 4-5 attempts to insert the video, I gave up. Have no idea why it will not upload. 

  3. To cure my 1971 Mach 1 SCJ from bottoming out so easily, I removed the leaf springs and installed a new set of springs, bushings, and bolts from Eaton Springs in Detroit. The car does ride a bit stiffer, but still seems to bottom out in rear way too easily. New shocks installed a year or so ago. Wondering if these ponies require extra heavy duty shocks in rear. What experience have you had?

  4. Would I buy my current 1971 Mach 1, J Code, Ram Air, 429 SCJ, 4.11.1, again?

    I bought it completely disassembled, just a mere shell, with a 1000 parts, including motor, tranny, driverline, stored in a container. The Mach 1 had been off the road since 1975. The original owner was killed. It took me a few years to rebuild everything and reassemble the car and then paint it. Slow process. I've restored numerous 71-72 Mach 1's (H, Q, R, M, J Codes) over the last 25 years, but this one was the biggest challenge. Buy it again? Yes, indeed. Wish it had AC. Florida heat cab be brutal.

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  5. Since I am unable to locate a passenger side exhaust manifold for my 429 SCJ (the original was repaired years ago and done incorrectly; welder said it could not be repaired to last), I'm thinking of using a set of headers. Found a set that will fit at Summit. Does anyone here have experience with these headers or similar units?

    Thank you.

  6. Thanks Geoff.

    I added one feature to that particular Mach 1 that was entirely unique. Instead of having the Ram Air flappers open up by putting the pedal to the metal, I added a manual operated cable, attached to a knob (identical to the light switch knob) below the dash; so I could pull on the knob and open the Ram Air flappers and close them without increasing RPM. I added a rear shot of same car



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  7. I restored a 1971 Mach 1 in Grabber Lime some years ago--every nut and bolt: rebuilt the 351-4v M Code, C-6 tranny, and repainted the entire car. It had functional 3-spoke rim blow steering wheel, black deluxe interior, Ram Air, AC, full console, roll down rear windows, 650 Holley, Magnum 500's, etc. But the Grabber Lime was not so popular at the time, I reckon. Only sold for 20k. Hard to fathom the selling price of $160K. 

    Mach 1 1971 Grabber Lime 351 M Code Engine Bay.jpg

    Mach 1 1971 Grabber Lime M Code .jpg

  8. As Stanglover correctly noted,  normal driving did not require the extra power steering cooler.

    But with a high winding 429 SCJ, built for the drag strip, I have to use type F transmission fluid in the power steering system (due to the anti-boiling ingredients in it) as well as the longer hose and PS cooler. The 429 SCJ puts out so much heat that the PS fluid can boil over without the extra cooling devices. 

    Mach 1 1971 429 SCJ OK stamp July 2020.jpg

  9. My 429 SCJ is completely rebuilt, everything is computer balanced; new 11.3.1 forged pistons, 0.40 oversized bore, Cam Research cam, polished but not turned nodular crankshaft--maintaining STD dimensions, SCJ rods with new bolts, Crane Roller Rocker arms with poly locks, hardened push rods, heads lightly portered to clean up castings, all new associated valve train parts, etc. Use combo of 101 octane and 94 octane ethanol free fuel. 

    Despite the newness, it chews up a set of Motorcraft spark plugs in a hurry. I drive it 2-3 times per week on short hops for errands. But after 250 miles, it needs new plugs--old ones get fouled in a hurry.

    Anyone else have the same experience? Recommendations for better plugs? 

    Thanks, tim

    Mach 1 1971 429 SCJ OK stamp July 2020.jpg

  10. Father son projects are bond creators.

    I have 3 sons and all 3 began their driving phase with a Mustang project with me.

    Here is one example of a the result of the project. Son's pony was a 1968 GT, 390-4v. Mine was a 1971 M Code, 351-4v. 


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